Thursday, June 10, 2010

Larryville and Lebowski

The cult following centered around the Coen brothers' The Big Lebowski never ceases to diminish, with numerous Lebowski-fests spreading across the land each year.

Larryville may not have an official Lebowski-fest just yet, but Liberty Hall's "Midnight Movie Madness" series will bring the film back for a second round tomorrow at midnight after drawing 500+ costumed-revelers to their first screening. And a smaller "Lebowski party" occurred last night at the Granada:

"Showing the movie is going to be the main thing, but leading up to it there will be different games, events and drink specials to go along with it," says Granada manager Cameron Lauer of their Lebowski Party. "There's going to be a booth where you can throw coffee mugs at the Dude's head while he's sitting at a desk, there's going to be Bobbing for Severed Toes - lots of things along those lines themed with the movie. Obviously, Caucasians (White Russians) will be served" (

Richard: "As a die-hard Coens fan, obviously I approve of these events. But I also think that every single local boozehound and pothead who believe themselves to be superfans should also be made to watch some of the other Coen masterpieces they have missed while passed out on White Russians. Why can't we ever spend an evening at the Granada watching Barton Fink?"

Chip: "I am not a movie fan, but I have watched this film, and my criticism is this: People who hang out in bowling alleys do not say things like 'Say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism, dude, at least it's an ethos.'"*

Richard: "Also, a hip, cutting-edge college town like Larryville should really be offering screenings of America's newest cult classic, Tommy Wiseau's The Room, perhaps with a visit from Wiseau himself. Come on, Liberty Hall! Are you hip, or aren't you?

*Actual quote

Local Lebowski fans:

Enjoy this Youtube clip of a midnight screening of Tommy Wiseau's "The Room":


Little Kittens... and sweaty tits said...

I only watch movies about cubes, hypercubes or the motherfucking A-Team.*

--And I pity the bitch fool who disagrees with me

*I do, in fact, love the Coens... and I will frequently go to a theater and endure movie going idiots to see them, but I prefer to bring them into my home where I can study their mystery without some fuckass bitchcase repeating the funny lines and then explaining to themselves why they are funny. YAH, I AM TALKING TO YOU FUCKSHITS WHO CAN'T KEEP YOU BITCHASS MOUTHS THE FUCK SHUT! I'M TRYING TO EAT A FUCKING POTATO HERE.

barton fink said...

"I tried to show you something beautiful. Something that was about all of us."

beth said...

I wanna see Barton Fink again.

big man, in tights said...

Ironically, both of these movies have come up for me this week. A Lebowski allusion on FB that led to prolonged discussion during lunch about the movie, and Fink during research on contract law.

As much as I love Barton Fink (not to mention Fargo), I think we have to acknowledge that Lebowski is the Coen's masterwork. It is a true epic that in its wanderings manages to encompass enough of the whole durned human comedy to be a complete, lasting, and nearly universal work.

phone's ringing, Dude! said...

Well said, Big Man, and you may even be right, though Lebowski has become so inseperable from its surrounding cult that it's sometimes hard to see through all that to the great film beneath it.

Even so, the Dude abides.