Monday, June 14, 2010

The LC's Pop Culture Corners Considers HBO and 80's Nostalgia! / Also: Kickball and Mexican Wrestling!

By all accounts, the quality of HBO's original dramas has declined in recent years, with nothing to match the importance of The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, The Wire. But that doesn't mean there isn't fun to be had on the pay-cable stalwart. Last night marked the return of True Blood, which is becoming a new summer tradition of outrageous sex and violence with a broad appeal: it's beloved by vampire fans, gay men, and people who enjoying seeing Anna Paquin's titties (Chip and Richard).

And the network has an interesting new series in the works, a show based on Mara Altman's memoir Thanks For Coming: One Young Woman’s Quest For An Orgasm, the tale of a “twenty-six-year-old, attractive, successful, single woman in New York who'd never had an orgasm."

Chip: "Ten bucks says the series finale ends with the star finally experiencing an orgasm."

Richard: "I'd totally watch this show, and I think they should do a cross-over episode with HBO's comedy series Hung, about the guy with the big dick."

And readers, speaking of HBO comedy, we want to offer you a real treat today, an address for a Youtube clip from HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm in which Marty Funkhouser tells a spectacularly filthy joke to LD and Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry's reactions are priceless. Don't watch at work. And, yes, the video works. It just takes it a second to begin (stay tuned):

Turning now to the weekend box-office, it seems America just can't get enough of the 80's. Two remakes of 80's classics are perched in the top two spots: The Karate Kid (now starring Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi and Will Smith's son as the "kid," a pairing that could only have been dreamed up while someone was VERY high) and The A-Team, now starring Liam Neeson as Hannibal in a performance that surely signals the end of whatever importance he may have once had as an actor).

Chip: "I like the parts where B.A is scared to get on planes."

We'll offer a free PBR to the person who submits the best idea for another 80's remake in the comments section.

Richard: "I'd like to see a new take on Adventures in Babysitting, starring Megan Fox as a babysitter we DO want to fuck with, if you catch my meaning."*

*For those of you unschooled in 80's nostalgia, Richard is making a stunningly witty reference to the film's most famous line: "Don't fuck with the babysitter."


Kickball score of the week: Los Luchadores 20 / Blue Collar Press 2

Richard: "I thought this team's Mexican wrestling masks might impair their play, but I guess not."

And if you didn't get enough luchador action on the field last night, Liberty Hall and Retro Cocktail Hour are teaming up for another double-bill of luchador films this weekend, including the "classic" (according to Retro Cocktail Hour website) Mummies of Guanajuato.

See you there.


desperate and crazy said...

I need some Charlie's Eastside both on and off this blog!

Coors is a Nazi beer said...

But Charlie's Bud Light pitchers are just like making love in a canoe!

Anonymous said...

I'm there a problem with either of these options?

bruce said...

Making love in a canoe = fucking close to water.

I have the answer to the question said...

Mutha Fucking... Alf.


--Send me a six pack of PBR or higher to my Northern address.

Oh, I forgot said...

And Alf would still eat kitty, but the kitty would be on Mehab Fox.

--Greenlight it, bitches.

So, you like to kick balls? said...

Fucking computer.

MEGAN Fox. OK. Fuck it. He eats her ass too, and she eats some chick named Megan Cox's ass... And balls. Because Cox is an alien hermaphrodite played by Kip.

Fucking Computers!

melmac said...

I assume this will be a computer-generated ALF? Or will ALF be played by Jonah Hill? And I think (in addition to the kitty-eating of Mehab Fox) the director would be wise to go for some gross-out actual kitty-eating scenes to target that Apatow demographic!

Honestly, Alf is best said...

Not strictly a remake: What about BETTER OFF UNDEAD, in which a lovesick teenager discovers that being a zombie not only makes him a better skier, but a tireless fuck machine?

Plus, I like Mehab Fox.