Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The LC's Pop Culture Corner! / World Cup Coverage

America's obsession with superhero films shows no signs of abating, and we want to consider two upcoming productions today.

First is Michel Gondry's Green Hornet film. Fanboys have been salivating for a Green Hornet film for ages now, but they are less than pleased with the choice of director (Gondry is known for music-videos and arthouse fare) and lead actor (Seth Rogen as the Green Hornet?!).

Let's see what the AICN geeks are saying.

Joey_Redballs says: "Not As Good As The Version I Dreamed Up 5 Years Ago...I don't like their choices for either actor. I don't like that Kato is a gadget man, that leaves the Green Hornet to be truly useless. My vision (mind you this was 5 yrs ago) cast Will Ferrell as the Green Hornet...I would have had Will Ferrell be a bumbling kind of guy who gets bored with his pointless extravagant life. Then he compulsively decides he wants to use his wealth & resources to fight crime. It's the unrealistic, dangerous whym of a man-child."

Richard: "Actually, I think I WOULD prefer the vision of Joey_Redballs."

But the boys are more excited about a different kind of superhero movie altogether, one that will not appear at a theater near you but rather lie in wait for you through the swinging doors at the back of Miracle Video. Yes, there is a porn-parody of Batman on the way, called Batman XXX, starring Dale DaBone as Batman and featuring the talents of porn divas Tori Black and Lexi Belle.

You can watch a trailer at YouTube, and it's (surprisingly) safe for work.

Richard: "Wow, the production values on this thing are better than most of what I've seen at the multiplex this summer and I think it's clear already that Dale DaBone will be a better Batman than George Clooney. I haven't been this excited about porn since Nailin' Paylin.'"

Chip: "Holy Boners, Batman, I can't wait to watch this film!"

Dr. X: "Lexi Belle has done some good work in porn parodies. I enjoyed her turn as Marcia in Not The Bradys XXX: Pussy Power."

In general, however, the boys prefer their entertainment more sophisticated. For instance, they are eagerly awaiting the premiere of Season Four of Mad Men next month. This teaser poster for the new season recently appeared (click to enlarge):

Like everything else about the show, the poster is sparking provocative intellectual debate among AV Club fanboys who are fascinated by the "exhibitionist subtext" of the poster (specifically: the mysterious placement of Don's left hand, angled toward his crotch).

Hendel says: "Maybe he's glaring down at a world that won't let him abandon it. While fantasizing about it going down on him."


The boys find the World Cup stunningly dull, but it nonetheless offers a welcome opportunity to get shitfaced at the Red Lyon at 9:00 in the morning. Here's an address for a not-very-exciting 29 second video of local fans at the Lyon during this morning's US win. But it's worth a look for a few quick glimpses of the Honorable Reverend H. and local farmer Dave G.ndy (who are not cheering at all!? were they rooting for fucking Algeria?).


not safe for my work said...

If somebody comes by and sees I don't have tits on my screen I can get in real trouble.

Fortunately my "boss" key takes me here

That is surprisingly good production values. If they didn't tell me, I wouldn't even believe it's a porno.

Sammy RyRy said...

I didn't make the cut for Batman XXX. Damn that Lexi Belle!

Capt. Chanute said...

Reverend H was indeed cheering, fans, she was just whoring herself out to high 5s instead of working for the Lord. The farmer known as Doggy Dave, however, was in full cheer mode after the goal, do look:

(I'm back!)

all hail the Captain! said...

Welcome back (and that may have been your first comment ever that does not contain any real vulgarities!).

Capt. Chanute said...

Hmph. You may be right. Fuckin A.

Futbol, motherfuckers! said...

I have an amazingly good read for Porno. (Yet, I prefer gonzo variety... any plot past the natural progression of two young women, unknown to each other, meeting and deciding to chew out the insides of each other's ass is lost on me. I prefer reality as opposed to these fictive creations.) Also: I dud not once say fuck, shit or bitches... Though likely all appropriate.


All I know about World Cup is that if any of you bitches brings that shut near me, I will kick you in the vuvuzelas.

--Except, Kip. I don't want to get my foot stuck in his vagina.