Monday, June 28, 2010

The LC Evaluates Its First Week on Twitter / Musical Saw Player of the Week

Whenever the boys embrace a new form of social media, it's usually because they (a) believe it might help them get laid or (b) believe it might garner them a book or television deal. And so it was that they began tweeting.

In their first week, the LC has accumalated 14 "followers" (or, as we prefer to think of them, "disciples"), ranging from the comedienne Paula Poundstone (seriously!) to a random Japanese girl (Konnichiwa, Marie!) to members of local art collective Asteroid Head to former-local DJ Gloria Vanderbilt. The latter two have even been kind enough to drop by the official Chronicles site to offer praise and criticism:

@BARRR of Asteroid Head tweets: "I kind of love the geeked out Larryville Chronicles blog....It's so geeky and bad...but kind of amazing. I have no idea who these dudes are"

Richard: "The 'bad' part stings a little. Otherwise, thanks @BARRR for the numerous shout-outs! See you at Wonder Fair."

Gloria Vanderbilt tweets to @BARRR: "I just wish they [the LC writers] were a bit funnier:( I did enjoy their analysis of my old Style Scout Columns though"

and also, tweeting to the LC:

"I'll keep reading your blog to keep up with Lawrence townie gossip, since I don't live there anymore."

Chip: "I take full responsibility for every boner joke, funny or no. Thanks for reading!"

So, the Twitter verdict so far: still unlaid, still no book or TV deal, but optimistic. As our second week of tweeting begins, we hope to attract the attention of some of our comedy idols (Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn) and discover the true identity of lovely local stripper Miss "Anna Undercover!"


The boys have witnessed Erica playing the saw with two different bands lately: Tyler Gregory and the Bootleg Bandits and Tinhorn Molly (where she seems to be a permanent member). Having long expressed the belief that EVERY band should possess a saw player, the LC salutes her and hopes to see more of her at the Replay this summer (too bad a Rooftop Vigilante was running sound for you last night: awesome as they may well be, we don't think the Vigilantes fully understand instruments that don't go "up to 11").

Below is a picture from Tinhorn Molly's Myspace. Please visit them there and at the Bottleneck on July 1:

Richard: "This endorsement is irony-free. I really do love the saw!"


Wonderfuckhead said...

I've always wanted to fuck Gloria Vanderbilt!

Congrats Richard!

be nicer! said...

She's a reader now!

Capt. Chanute said...

Great news about the growth of the LC's Twitter audience. Apropos the presence/readership of so many well-known and beautiful people, I offer the following Eastbound and Down quote. Upon seeing Kenny Powers back in town at her usual hang out, local strumpet Tracy half-drunkenly declares "We never get superstars around here.... just thinkin' about it gets me a can I say it?....Wet in my pussy."

That's one way to say it. Get that book deal, boys.

A dollhead said...

Captain! My Captain! You must be anticipating eastsider response to your return. What's your secret?

Be nicer, yourfuckingself. Fucking Gloria Vanderbilt would be the nicest thing I could do for her, having seen the limp geezers she would hang with.

twitter dating service said...

I know who that "dollhead" is!

It's all coming together...

A Twat said...

See, I fuck their milkshake!

I fuck it up!

I've been arguing that Dr. X needs to take on a more prominant role here so he can fucking fuckblister these shits with his vorpal sword of a scabes cock! If you half-fucked local quasi-celebs can't fucking acknowledge the genius of this shit... admittedly, it has catered to the shoe crowd a bit much and not to the foot-licking lesbian demo, yours is the way of the fucktard!

And I will shit down your throat. You want funny? Go fuck a spin class on Thursday, you chubby bitches. I swear to fuck. I am going to come to the fucking Replay with a Louisville Fucking Slugger and make the city founders open the hydrants to clear the streets from my red river!

--Shittydicked Porchclimbers!

to wit! said...

Oddly enough, I wish that Gloria Vanderbilt had a better sense of humor!

the writers said...

Thanks (?) Dr. X!

Yeah, we just haven't been able to reach the foot-licking lesbians yet. But soon...

X said...

I will fuck these numbskulls on the face of a mountain if they ever shut on us again.

--Know it, bitches.