Thursday, June 24, 2010

Local Political Scandal of the Week (Are the City Fathers Racist!?) / Also: Important Hipster Show on the Horizon

An inquiry is currently under way regarding Lawrence City Manager David, who reportedly uttered the phrase "spear-chucker" during a recent City Commission meeting. claims that he likely 'misspoke' while trying to use one of his favorite terms, "spear-catcher," which he often uses "to describe his role of making unpopular decisions that are related to the city’s budget" (LJ-World).

Larryville Liberal Chorus: "This man is worse than General McChrystal! Certainly his supposed slip-of-the-tongue suggests an unconscious racism that still justifies his firing. Off with his head!"


Readers, the hype is building for an important hipster show at the Replay on July 6 by Oakland, California's "bubblegum fuzz" band NoBunny, touring behind an album that the LA Examiner calls a "primitive-but-beautiful little garage pop gem, bursting with delicious hooks and manic power." What intrigues us most is that the lead singer wears a creepy bunny mask! Go here to listen to "I Am a Girlfriend" and you will surely do anything in your power to attend this show:

Chip: "But why do they call themselves "no bunny" when there is clearly a bunny on stage?"

Captain Chanute: "I'll be in town that night and there's at least a 70% chance I'll slug that fucking bunny-man."

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clothes like a fucking dickhead said...

That Kenny Powers clip was pretty funny.

Also, NoBunny is alright. If I find myself at the Hi-Dive in a couple of weeks and they start to play, I will definitely stay and listen (although I might leave if they make me pay a cover).