Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The LC Examines America's Favorite New Drinking Game! / This Week in Local Crime / The Boys' Fashion Corner Is Back!

Readers, if you've driven through Larryville's student ghetto on a warm spring afternoon, you've no doubt seen groups of fraternity brothers outside playing beer pong and flippy cup. But have you ever seen the bros "icing" each other?

We haven't either, and it saddens us to think that Larryville is lagging behind in the boozing department. For those of you who don't keep up with such things, let the NY-Times describe the game for you:

"The premise of the game is simple: hand a friend a sugary Smirnoff Ice malt beverage and he (most participants have been men) has to drink it on one knee, all at once — unless he is carrying a bottle himself, in which case the attacker must drink both bottles...".

The Times believes the game is largely confined to southern fraternities at the moment, with liquor stores actually seeing a significant rise in sales of Smirnoff drinks.

The game has become a popular internet "meme" which you can follow at such sites as:


and especially


Richard: "I'm totally going to ice Chip the next time I see him!"


Larryville's crime wave continues with this shocking headline in the on-line LJ-World: "Man arrested after punching another in the face."

The story:

"...a 24-year-old Lawrence man was sitting outside the Cadillac Ranch with a friend when the suspect approached him and asked if he had a problem. When the victim explained he didn’t, the suspect left but then returned and punched the victim in the face."

Chip: "I punched him because I knew he was lying about not having a problem."


Larryville has a few hipster fashion shows, usuually occurring at the Replay, but as of yet we have nothing that rivals KC's annual West 18th Street Fashion Show in which throngs fill the Crossroads Arts district to witness the summer's boldest new fashions. The boys sadly missed the event, but luckily KC's Ink magazine offers a useful slideshow. Here are two of our favorites:

Richard: "I'm very much hoping that this nearly-naked-under-a-parasol look catches on for the summer, especially among Quinton's waitresses.

Chip: "This one is just a model walking the runway with some donuts."

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