Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This Week in Sports / Local Fundraiser of the Week

Readers, there's no avoiding sports stories this week in Larryville. Last week's ticket scandal and blackmail stories have now given way to accusations about The Man himself, Big Lew, who finds himself accused of accepting inappropriate gifts. Many, including local sports opinion writer Tom Keegan, seem to feel it's only a matter of time till Lew must go (despite Lew's repeated insistence: "I'm the victim.").

Let's see how the talkbackers feel.

equalaccessopportunity says: "This is all a putrid southern-justice game administrative wrongdoers at KU like Lew Perkins and those despicable monsters over in the KU Human Resources Department play all the time, and too often it works. Criminalize truth-telling, decent people while you robbber barons with the dirty cops and Douglas County criminal injustice system crooks in your pocket so willing to collude with you and hide your lies walk free and ruin the ethical standing of the community."

Richard: "I only understand about 20% of that rant, but I like the angry tone."

Elsewhere in sports news, word arrived yesterday that Larryville's KU/K-State football game will occur not on a Saturday but on the Thursday of Fall Break. As always, the primary concern of local football fans (as evidenced in the talkbacks) is not the game itself, but rather how much alcohol can be consumed before, during, and after and how a Thursday evening game will affect said consumption.

But the LC prize for best comment goes to "twobigones":

"Perkins announced that tickets at the 50 yard line were only going for $123,000 each. He also said these tickets could be purchased through special ticket handling agents located at the Days Inn in Lawrence and several nearby cities, knock three times and lewie sent me."


A group of local chefs are hosting the first annual "River City Cook Off" this Sunday at Abe and Jake's to raise money for cleaning the polluted Kansas River: "They'll be competing for the "Catfish Trophy" by preparing two to three dishes for the crowd. One dish must be vegetarian and one must include local ingredients" (LJ-World).

The flier for the event, featuring a knife-wielding catfish, is certainly pretty apt: eating a catfish from the Kansas River WILL almost certainly kill you.


Bringing you the news that's Americany said...

Yah, fuck all that shit:

This is Captain America!

beth said...

Awww, it's like TOP CHEF: LARRYVILLE! And one of the dishes has to be vegetarian?! I wish I could be town for this. One of my not-so-secret wishes, after all, is to get to eat at a taping of TOP CHEF (or be a wig-stand on SHEAR GENIUS, or a model on PROJECT RUNWAY). This is not at all like being at a taping of TOP CHEF, but it's still pretty cool.

local foodie said...

And you must also return and discover that Chef Robert Krause will soon control the entire 800 block of Mass. with his unusual "gourmet" burgers and tacos!

Top Cock said...

I piss in the Kaw regularly.

Will the progressive Larryvillians distribute comp foodie passes to the homeless encampment downstream?

Nice Hopper quote, Nog.

Popario the lothario said...

Christ, are you all skull-fucked with a fucking heineken?

Fuck all that shit:

This is Thor!

--By Odin's beard, this shit is important!