Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Visit to "MAN !!!! LOOK AT THIS THING I SAW IN A LAWRENCE, KANSAS ALLEY !!!" On Facebook

We showcased our current favorite Facebook group awhile back, and it continues to grow and evolve in interesting ways, providing an important forum for Larryville luminaries like "Boog" Highberger to discuss weird shit found in local alleys. According to group members, the "frozen cat" photo is probably the most "famous" so far. We'll offer you a glimpse at the very end of this post, leaving some space in between (a trick we learned from our good friend Dr. C at "Stately Pleasure Domes") so you can choose to avoid it if you don't enjoy looking at dead frozen cats.

A strange new feature in the Facebook group comes from a fellow named Nick Schmiedeler,who is posting a series of "terrifying alley drives" in which he barrels through local alleys in his pick-up. Here's one from the alley between 7th and 8th and Missouri and Arkansas Streets:

That's close to King Tosser's house, Nick! Watch out for the Tosser!

Chip: "Don't these fucking townies have something better to do besides joyriding in alleys and discussing poor dead frozen kitties? Isn't there a kickball game tonight?

Richard: "Indeed there is, Chip. In fact, there's a major showdown tonight, according to a post written by Chris Jones (Hi, Chris!) on President Deron Belt's "Sundays in the Park" blog (Hi, Deron!). Let's take a look at Chris's thoughts on tonight's Replay vs Eastsiders match-up."

The new look Eastsiders are athletic but inexperienced at the game. Can those Rowdies knock off the 2nd seeded team with one hand tied behind their backs? That hand either protecting a freshly opened PBR or representing playing without their best player and distinguished gentleman, Mr. Bickel.

Richard: "Normally I'd be supporting the Eastsiders, but they seem awfully apathetic this season."

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