Friday, June 11, 2010

The Boys Mourn the Death of the Big 12 / Sacred Journey Gets Raided (Again) / Also: "Horse Acts!"

Readers, everyone's worst fears were confirmed yesterday when KU athletics as we know and love them came to a crashing halt with the announcements that Nebraska and Colorado (and maybe others) will bid the Big 12 adieu in pursuit of greener pastures (and more green, as in dollars).

What do the boys think?

Chip: "Obviously, this whole fiasco has been examined from every angle, so let's skip all that for now and ask a question that's being forgotten amidst the chaos: How will this effect the quality of the sweet ass on our campus and in our bars?"

But the Big 12 isn't the only conference falling apart around here, it seems. What's going on in the Kaw Valley Kickball League? One of the featured stories of the current weekly podcast is "the mysterious disappearance of Eastsiders" ( Will the Honorable Reverend H. and her Eastside companions be lured back into the fold after all? Or will they resist the lure of hipsterism and spend their Sunday evenings as God intended (at the Replay, with Richard, listening to bluegrass).

Stay tuned.


Local hippies were stunned yesterday when federal officials again raided and shut down local downtown "herb shop" Sacred Journey. The officials were supposedly not after K2 (synthetic-weed) this time but rather to be "focusing on the diet supplement Que She (pronounced KAY-shee), a mix of Chinese herbs said to be a miracle weight loss pill." (LJ-World).

Richard: "Dude, this weight loss pill will get you totally high if you smoke it."

Here's a sad picture (from the LJ-World) of the owner, outside her establishment, no doubt cursing "the Man" (click to enlarge).


The press release for Larryville's annual Busker Fest has arrived, promising "Strong Women, Horse Acts and Mind Reading" on the streets of downtown Larryville this August.

Chip: "'Horse Acts?' Is this anything like a 'donkey show?' I think buskers have finally realized that jugglers and mimes aren't enough to entertain young people in today's world. What the kids want to see these days is a woman fucking a horse."


All this has happened before said...

College athletic conferences are marriages of convenience and tend to dissolve or shift around pretty regularly. No big loss.

I look forward to pics of "horse acts!"

chip said...


A depression fuck said...

I'd hit that ass.

--What?!! I like women that pack much back