Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Boys Look at the East Larryville "Dome Home" / Kickball Coverage / Burger of the Week: African Lion Burger!

The recent talk of the town in East Larryville (aside from kickball) has centered around the construction of an energy-efficient "dome home" at 13th and New Jersey ("A recently completed home energy rating estimated it will cost $64 per year to cool the home, $175 per year to heat the home, and $156 per year to operate the hot water heater."--LJ-World).

The home is now complete and purchased by an interesting-looking fellow named Pompie Rinke (pictured below outside his new home). Are the boys fans of this new addition to the local landscape?

Richard: "Let's be honest, folks. The dome home is as ugly as the Oread Inn. But at least it's smaller."


The "Week 5 Preview" over at the "Sunday(s) in the Park" kickball blog contains a very troubling statement this week:

"Replay has traded in their late inning PBR’s for H20 to ascend the ranks, but I assure you they have lost none of their Rowdiness."

Richard: "If even the Replay Rowdies are favoring serious competition over shitfaced PBR antics, kickball has surely run its course in this town."


A Mesa, Arizona restauraunt owner outraged animal-rights activists this week by serving African lion burgers (in honor of the World Cup). Despite the protests, "Reservations sold out, with a waiting list 100 long" (Associated Press).

All we can say is this: Come on, Robert Krause! What better way to get a little press when the Burger Stand reopens in its new location this week than to serve up some fucking lion burgers!


Fuck you, fatty! said...

What kinda fucking...

A Geodesic Dome?

What is this, fucking Lost?

Bury that shit under 200 tons of dirt, call it the Swan and get it the fuck out of town.

--I'm against anything, everywhere!

dharma initiative said...

What happens in the Dome Home stays in the Dome Home.