Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Boys Consider the Jones Pool in the KC Power and Light District! / The LC Summer Book Club is Back: Sam Lipsyte's "The Ask"

The boys are neither beautiful nor rich enough to spend any quality time at KC's swanky Power and Light District, but they are certainly intrigued by the Jones Pool, a rooftop hotspot becoming well-known for its boozy daytime parties.

While we continue to work on our swimsuit physiques, the InkKC website offers a nice slideshow of an afternoon at the Jones to content us in the meantime. Here are a couple of shots:

Chip: "The dude in the first photo has a really prominent boner."

Richard: "The Miller Lite on display in the second photo tips us off immediately that this is a totally different cultural scene than Larryville. There's not a PBR in sight."

In other P&L news, the area's controversial dress codes (which led to numerous charges of racism) have supposedly now been "relaxed" somewhat. (Chip: "I wonder what tactics they are using these days to keep out the blacks?").


Now that we've finished Justin Cronin's 766 page post-apocalyptic vampire epic The Passage (verdict: awesome!), we have turned to the virtuoso comic wordsmith Sam Lipsyte's new novel The Ask for a much-needed dose of literary vulgarity. Here we offer two passages we wish WE'D written:

"My mother was a second-wave feminist. I wasn't comfortable saying 'cunt' until I was twenty-three, at which point, admittedly, I couldn't hold back for a time."


"There was no God and being was just a molecular accident, but I still hoped my crawl through the illusory tunnel of retina-annihilating light would end with my face buried in some post-life fascimile of Maura's ass."

Dr. X: "I like this guy."


It's true! said...

I really do.

--I don't know who Maura is, but I do hope to bury my tongue deep between the fleshy cheeks of her pert asscherry.

Chip said...

When I want to see hot young ass in a pool, I just drive by Meadowbrook Apartments on 15th really slowly.

(I totally forgot to make this joke in the main post!).

Working on my self esteem said...

I nearly got busted skinny-dipping in Meadowbrook pool. Does anybody do that any more?

But who gives a fuck? We're all flukes of the universe, and have no right to be here.

overthinking drinking said...

I never liked miller light-- tasteless as it gets.

Used to drink PBR. It tasted like piss, but at least it had some taste.

But drinking PBR wasn't considered the least bit cool or hip.

It still tastes like piss. Why does drinking PBR piss build hipster cred?

ex-piss drinker said...

I dunno why people think PBR is hip, but telling people you like beer that tastes good is like telling them that a band, an album, a song, doesn't suddenly suck simply because more people like it today than yesterday.

Correct Answer! said...


Ex-Pissy: you're tonight's fuckstar!

You have explained to the dipshits the essence of Larryville hipster bullshit: YER A BUNCHA FUCKING POSEURS!

...And we pipe-swinging mutha fuckas up North are coming down to whip yer shit up... and take it the fuck down!

--There can be only one!