Monday, June 22, 2009

Your Monday Photo Blog / Plus, Tonight's Hipster Pick / Also, The LJ-World Article of the Day!

Before the place was overrun by kickballers, a band of Arkansans called Cletus Got Shot graced the stage for the early show last night, leading local hippies on a rousing sing-a-long which featured this chorus:

"Come on everybody, let's fire upon the post office,
Come on everybody, let's burn down the school."

Chip: "See, when you've got liberals singing a tune like this, it's funny and everyone enjoys it. But if you had a conservative bluegrass band up there singing about firing upon the abortion clinic, no one would find it amusing. This is partly because we all know that liberals lack the courage of their convictions but mostly because we know bands like this are too stoned to gain access to high-grade explosives."

Richard: "Chip, please, it's too hot outside to expect people to parse this sort of satire. Let's just enjoy some pictures from the show. Click to enlarge."

In this picture we see a guy smoking a pipe. Surely you'll agree that it doesn't come off as an affectation. In fact, he looks like he was born to smoke it.

Isn't it hipster-rule #6 that you never wear a T-shirt with a venue's name on it when you're actually at that venue! (but it's okay, in this case, because he works there).

Most people think that hipsters are uninterested in anything besides the release date of the next important album, but someone found time to draw some nice pictures of chickens and baby chickens on one of the tables.

Some consider the Replay a bit of a dive, but don't you feel that these three new hanging plants in front of the stage really tie the room together?**

*Lebowski reference
*Photo taken by a stoned companion who was aiming at the ladies but somehow managed to capture the true flavor of the venue.

If you can't wait till mid-July, when the Transmittens return, for a dose of adorable electro-pop, you'll certainly want to consider Bachelorette's show at the Jackpot tonight. Their bleeps and blips are coming to you all the way from New Zealand, so surely your lazy ass can make it downtown.

Let's see what Pitchfork thinks of the band:

"Retro-futurism's a durable and persistent pop culture trope, currently burning up the design world on every front from mid-century modern-inspired furniture to steampunk fashion. But unmoored from original context and free-floating in the past's imaginary future, it's style, not substance."

Cl.thier: "This is a music review, not a dissertation, you pretentious twits!"


The LJ-World knows that its readership often needs a break from hard-hitting stories about skinny-dipping arrests, so today brings a front page profile of the downtown hot dog stand. The story (titled "Hot dog vendor enhances downtown flavor") is as coated in nostalgia as a good hot dog is with mustard and relish, and if it doesn't make you want to head downtown and mingle with the citizenry, you probably don't truly love Larryville. Here are a few choice quotes:

"The man known as Toad, the unofficial gopher of downtown, played a game of who could bark the longest with a dog in a locked car."

"On this day — no matter what the headlines said in the newspaper — the big story downtown was that Craig Nowatzke got a haircut."

"Then there was the day that a good part of the afternoon was spent talking about the guy who was walking up and down Massachusetts in a skin-tight, full-body rainbow suit, topped off with a hat with a plume."

Chip: "I wonder if both Toad and that skin-tight rainbow guy is Dennis?"


Mrs. C. said...

Considering the venue, I would be surprised if the hanging plants don't eventually meet the same fate as the Dude's rug...

nihilists! said...

We can't piss that high!

nog said...

I suspect that:

a) I didn't set up the voting configuration correctly


b) Dr. X has voted from 8 different computers!

Dr. C said...

Although I'd not put voter fraud past Dr. X (perhaps we should have a day of mourning protest?) I thought it was pretty tough one to call. I also am looking forward to the return of Lupus, but thought BWB was the series I missed most, since it's been away longer.

I was surprised nobody voted for country corner. That was my second pick. I didn't know any of the songs, but the commentary was humorous.

nog said...

I thought, at the very least, Cl.thier would cast a vote for Country Corner. Luckily, it's slated to return anyway, whether or not it gets any votes!

Dr X did what now? said...

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa --

What the fuck did I fradufuck?

I've lost track of a five post conversation!

Jesus... the fuck is wrong with me?!


The Dr (X) ponders. said...

Oh I see!


The power of Harry compels you.

And the bitches. This shit makes 'em wet and drippy.

I told you not to doubt the power of America's most almost famous boy werewolf (and his dumpy friend, K!p!), Noggle!

Though, you can bet, safely, that that ninth vote is from me -- I assure you, my ass did not try to find nine computers in this fucking heat to go and topload some polls!

The bitches just goy wild for Harry.

Harry makes their britches wet like warm dew or beading sweat bubbling up on a hot tan bitch's ass on some smoking hot beach. All tan and moist and drippy, you wanna bite into it like it was a sammich!

Shit, this is almost an HL entry right here...

... and there were vampires and shit... and they tried to bite into that tasty, tasty bit o'ass, but then they exploded. Because those fuckers can't take the sunlight -- but that was some hot, tasty ass!

And Harry was gonna tap it later.

--And still K!p was still pale and doughy. (You just can't make that shit up!)

Harry lives! said...

I'm just fairly certain that there aren't nine people out there who enjoy Harry's exploits. It's the greatest voting mystery of our time! (even without hanging chads).

But not a single person has expressed amusement at today's picture of a guy smoking a pipe!

Dr. X's lending library! said...

I blame *apparent... possibly fraudulent... but you go, Mr or Mrs Fraud!* Harry-Mania!

I think America has spoken -- and it craves hot and horny werewolf action!

--I know after a solid read of Harry Lupus, I have gotten off at least twice before the end of the first paragraph!

cl.thier said...

I have not voted yet, as the decisions are too tough...I want them all back in a great and glorious post that reminds us all of how great the LC truly is!

I'm pretty sure you dug those pictures of the Replay up from a 1987 Sunday afternoon show. Seriously.

And actually, I found the final sentence of the Pitchfork review to be spot on, and a concise bit of criticism about the state of nouvea new wave music.

pigforker said...

Praise for a Pitchfork review? I am shocked, shocked, shocked!

time traveler said...

I WISH I could go back and experience an '87 Replay gig! (was PBR already hip, in that long ago time, or were people actually drinking it then because they liked it?).

pbr pr guy! said...

"PBR me ASAP!"