Saturday, November 7, 2009

Larryville's "Missed Connections" on Craigslist! / Also, Hilarious Twitter Story of the Day: MSNBC Gets Hacked!

The boys are huge fans of Craigslist, which has assisted them many times in selling and buying stupid shit as well as getting laid (although its recent crackdown on prostitution is disappointing). Let's take a look today at the "missed connections" section of Larryville's Craigslist for a touching look at one of our lovelorn citzens. Was this written by a 12-year old, a foreigner, or Chip? There's just no way to be sure, but we wish this person well in re-connecting with their Mirth waitress:

"you brought me water and a delicious breakfast burrito then you laughed at me twice when i we were leaving. i don't think that i had anything on my face or like a boner or nothing, you just giggled, twice. i'm not mad or offended, it just not everyday... well, usually when pretty ladies laugh at me it is because of a sloppy face or a boner. was there something i was missing? if you respond to this, i will come in every morning you work, fumble around with some juices, look at the menu and then leave without ordering anything, just so you can smile and shake your head at me.

•Location: the mirth around 11


The ever-liberal MSNBC's Twitter site was hijacked yesterday by witty hackers who began "tweeting" such messages as:

"WOW. Chris Matthews SUCKS. A douchebag like him is probably getting a blowjob from another pussy liberal..."


"We love Sean Hannity. Cum all over us Glenn Beck!!"


"Barack Obama is a stupid fucking socialist."

Chip: "Obviously, this is the first important step in a major conservative uprising. The next will probably be making a prank phone call to Keith Olbermann."


Anonymous said...

That craigslist posting was actually me. I asked questions of the waitress in question under the guise of a questionably illiterate stalker, so that she would not immediately recognize me. that is, until i let on that i was sportin wood at the mirth this morning. however, this is not that uncommon. for, many a cute and smiling waitress has given one reason to swell up a chubby by bending over in her hip second-skin leggings or squeezing her tits together as she leans in to a whispering customer who mumbles something about pancakes and whole wheat toast. oh yes! mirth is definitely a land of erections. unfortunately for me, the waitress that i encountered was simply laughing her snide, hipster laugh AT me, not with me. she saw my boner, indeed, and was so unimpressed by its size that she chuckled, told her workmates how much of a fuckhead i was and went about her merry way, making shitty tips from the poorer, mostly East Lawrence crowd that could barely afford Milton's or Teller's brunch. Silly bitch.

"Craig" said...

Discovering the Larryville Craigslist has really opened up a whole new world of potential blogging.

Did you know there's a gloryhole near campus that has actual business hours? We'll send Chip over to investigate.