Sunday, June 28, 2009

The LC's Local Blog Pick of the Week! / Plus, The Return of the Weekly Box-Office Report! /Also: Sunday Kickball Coverage!

As serious bloggers themselves, the boys feel it's their duty to keep up with other local blogs. Now that "Drunken Concert Reviewer" has ceased working, our current favorite is Katy Seib.l's "Kansas Couture," a fashion blog by a stylish local 20-something. In an edition of "Style Scout," Katy describes her own fashion preferences as "High-waisted stuff in general, plaid, neckties and bows, and gray. I'm also into oxford booties right now" and her fashion influences as "The Sartorialist, Maggie Gyllenhal's style in the movie "Secretary", and Wes Anderson movies.". You can enjoy Katy's blog at

In a recent blog entry called "fedorable," Katy includes a charming picture of herself in a fedora along with the provocative question: "So what do you think: fedora do or fedora don't?"

Chip: "I say totally 'do,' if you catch my meaning, and..."

Richard: "No, no, Chip, this is not an edition of "Babes We'd Bone." Katy might well be reading right now, and if so, Katy, we apologize to you for whatever Chip was about to say, unless of course you're into some sort of sexy Indy Jones-style fedora roleplay, in which case so are we."


Despite charges of racism and universally scathing reviews (Peter Travers calls it the worst of the decade), Michael Bay's new Transformers film is slated to rack up a staggering $201 million by the end of today. Did the boys love it?

Chip: "My favorite part was when the little robot humped Megan Fox's leg, because that's something we all want to do."

Richard: "And when she straddled and caressed that motorcycle, we all wished we WERE that motorcycle."

Chip: "Those jive-talking, illiterate, violent robots were also hilarious. When we saw that in Forttt Scottt, everyone said, Oh my God, that's JUST like inner-city Springfield!"

Richard: "And don't forget the scene where the robot crashed into the Chinese guy's house and the soundtrack suddenly switched to the kind of plinky-plinky piano music that's been the symbol of Chinese stereotyping for many decades. The film was nearly as funny as a Michael Richards' stand-up routine."

Chip: "Oh, and what about when those gay dogs were fucking and the father says 'You'll see a lot of that in college.' It's funny because it's true."


If you're one of the few local hipsters who does not play kickball on Sundays, you almost certainly have a team you root for each week that contains a lot of friends with whom you've hoisted PBR's. For us, that team is the Eastsiders (many of whom skim this blog on occasion) and tonight they get the honor of facing Sacred Sword in the prestigious "game of the week." Sacred Sword, of course, is known for their swordplay and sorcery while the Eastsiders are known for taking the game outrageously seriously. This should be a battle for the ages, readers, and we wish good luck to the Eastsiders (as long as they bring extra PBR for us).

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