Friday, June 5, 2009

The LC's Controversy Corner / Plus, The Changing Face of Downtown Larryville, Part III (A Photo Essay); Also, Where To Go Tonight If You're a Hippie!

Some say the LC plays it too safe, sticking mostly to boner jokes and hipster-bashing, to which we usually say: Fuck off, hipsters. That's what makes us laugh. But occasionally we do find ourselves drawn into the edgier issues of the day, such as PETA's intention to capitalize on the recent murder of controversial late-term abortion provider George Tiller by erecting billboards around Wichita which read "Pro-choice? Choose vegetarian?"

Chip: "Am I the only one who sees a clear difference between someone killing another human being and someone who enjoys a nice bacon sandwich on occasion?"

Suprisingly enough, Chip, even many of the most rabid of Larryville liberals, judging from the on-line talkbacks, feel that PETA's timing may not be ideal. But let's avoid the extremes of outrage and support for the moment and leave you instead with this thoughtful on-line comment from someone called "notyourmom":

"I love my dog very much and certainly consider him a companion (even though he didn't get much choice about the relationship). However, If things got really hard and there was nothing else to eat, I could absolutly eat my dog."


So far in this new series which focuses on downtown innovations we've reported on the TapRoom's new smoking patio and the new mural at the Replay. Today we consider the new "shaved ice" stand at the corner of 10th and Mass, just across from the Replay.

Richard: "Given their proximity to the Replay, I'm surprised they don't offer a PBR-flavored snow cone. But what I like to do is just get a cup of plain ice and take it into the Replay and make my own. Now all it needs is a funny name and everybody will be doing it."

Chip: " Ice is not the only thing that's better shaved. Pornography has taught me that women need to be bare...down there, if you catch my meaning."

Dr. C: "I prefer my romantic chasms to be savage places that run athwart a cedarn cover."


If you're a hippie who's sad about the loss of Wakarusa this weekend, perhaps you'll want to stop by local hippie store Beyond the Door's free performance by legendary eccentric Eugene Chadbourne tonight. After all, you'll probably be in there anyway, stocking up on bongs and patchouli. says: "Eugene Chadbourne is an infamous figure known to play banjo, guitar, electric rake, plunger and other homemade devices. He's played on albums with Camper Van Beethoven, They Might Be Giants, The Violent Femmes, and more during the course of his four-decade music career. The squeaky-voiced singer has also ventured into avant-jazz, free improvisation, rockabilly, and acid-folk during that time, touring the globe and releasing more albums than Frank Zappa. Needless to say, tonight's show should be straight outta Crazyville."

Richard: "I plan to be there and I may even eat one of the 'special' brownies."


Dr. C said...

I believe my position here was misrepresented here. While a landing strip is better than nothing--I think I've said that I like my romantic chasms to be savage places that run athwart a cedarn cover.

I believe by implication I'm also a fan of female ejaculation.

Or maybe not. Sometimes I don't know which thoughts are mine and which are part of that background noise of culture.

Dr. C said...

Also, that Wainy Days clip was pretty funny.

creative liberties said...

Ah yes, I do recall those "savage places" remarks now!

Perhaps it was myself who preferred the landing strips.

Certainly it was Chip who believed AZ was the "most beautiful girl he'd seen in real life."

Wainy Days is occasionally awesome.

louis xiv said...

Savage places are, well, savage. I prefer the finely tended gardens of Versaille and other palaces. Royal Vagina. All right.