Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Kickball Coverage / Plus, Angry LJ-World Editorial of the Week!

As usual, tonight's "game of the week" should be a strong one: Mad Greek vs. Red Lyon. The Greeks, of course, are known for their habit of slinging their patented "flaming cheese" in the faces of their opponents ("Oompah!), while the Lyons are the elistists of the league, refusing PBR altogether in favor of five dollar pints of Boddington's.

But the real treat tonight comes after the game: the official Kaw Valley Kickball Party at the Replay! Sure, there's an "unofficial" kickball party every Sunday at the Replay after the game of the week, but tonight's will feature a special performance from the Ad Arkestra Arkestra, who will themselves presumably be playing kickball on various teams earlier in the evening. For those of you who might be unhip, the Arkestra is the side-project of beloved local band Ad Astra Per Aspera, and it's pretty much exactly the same thing except maybe slightly weirder.

The event is rumored to require a secret password (in order to keep non-kickballers out), but don't be deterred if you really want to attend: there's a good chance that the password is "PBR."


An editorial by concerned citizen Ray Pence in today's LJ-World takes issue with the offensive name of a local band. Here's an excerpt:

The band calls itself “The Tards,” and advertises itself with imagery confirming its name is short for “Retards.” This isn’t cute or cutting-edge... it’s unacceptable in any community, particularly in progressive Lawrence...This isn’t a call to impose political correctness or to silence free expression. It’s a demand for respect and responsibility that’s long overdue. The band members should reconsider their self-presentation."

Richard: "Judging from the band's proud Myspace boast that they have the 'most retarded page on Facebook,' I doubt they're going to reconsider their approach anytime soon. And the first sentence of Pence's editorial suggests that he may be a little mentally slow, himself. Take a look:

"As a showcase for local alternative music, the Bottleneck in downtown Lawrence can't be beat."

First off, Pence, the word 'alternative' lost all musical significance more than a decade ago and no self-respecting hipster has entered the Bottleneck in at least five years* given their exorbitant ticket prices and penchant for shitty jam bands."

*with the possible exception of the Okkervill River show.

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