Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The LC's Video Game Report! / Best of Style Scout

Readers, it's the first Wednesday in a long while without Harry Lupus, and at least three of you will miss it. The rest of you, who claim to read but never actually comment, can just relax and enjoy the summer without fear that any adolescent monster fiction will interrupt your daily dose of hipsterism (at least until we begin our new series about a young hipster zombie trying to make his way in a town very much like Larryville, which we call "Scaryville").

Today let's think about video games, a subject the boys, admittedly, know very little about, since we have much better things to do than sit around practicing our Wii golf strokes (insert your own masturbation joke involving "strokes" here). But a new game, so controversial that its backing companies keep pulling out (another sex joke?), has caught our attention. It's called "Six Days in Fallujah," and it's an ultra-realistic take on the 2004 Iraqi battle (although leaving out the actual American soldiers that died). Quite naturally, some are worried that the game "trivializes" the battle, turning loss of life into a fantasy. How do the boys feel about it? Can the game succeed?

Chip: "Oh, I know plenty of rednecks who think that shooting Iraqis is very cool. They'd totally buy this game, except most of them long ago sold their X-Boxes to buy meth."

Richard: "Well, Americans have proven again and again that they aren't willing to engage with intelligent big-screen depictions of the war. I mean, will any of you readers, besides myself and Chip, be buying a ticket for Kathryn Bigelow's supposedly amazing film The Hurt Locker this summer? Or will you be seeing Transformers eight times instead? But I do think this game might work. As Kip suggests, there are plenty of misguided 'patriots' out there who'd enjoy it, not to mention the random misfits who enjoy these 'first-person shooter' games without really distinguishing between whether they're shooting aliens or Iraqis."

Chip: "I'll be buying SIMS 3 instead. I love creating little Smileys and seeing how many people I can fuck."


At the LC, we work hard to synthesize the best hipster information and present it for you in a compact form. Today we offer some of our favorite recent entries from's ever-popular style scout.

First there's Abby Woody, who favorite trends are "Collectivism, not shaving, dog ownership, feathers." (Chip: "Great, another hairy communist! Would it kill these hippie chicks to shave their legs? I mean, there's a certain point where these women just get too hairy to bang").

And how about Brock Potucek? His favorite trends: "...the Madchester look, as well as the 90210/Blossom trend." (Richard: "Beth, what's the Madchester look? Without you in Lawrence, we're more unfashionable than ever! Although I suspect King Tosser could explain this to us as well!").

But best of all is Zac Bennett, who explains his tattoos: "I have a 18th & Vine tattoo and an Al Hirschfeld drawing on my forearm, a Harry Potter quote on my other arm, and the symbol for the Legend of Zelda on my hand." (Chip: "I'll bet this guy gets laid like crazy!")

And we'll leave you with this from Mr. Bennett (along with his picture):

"I try and look kind of sharp. My clothes are always well-fitting and I try to wear a lot of bright, bold colors."


RIP Harry Lupus? said...

What is that supposed to mean?

I thought you idiots were bringing him back in the fall?

the idiots in charge said...

Maybe so. But sometimes great shows get cancelled even at the peak of their greatness. Like Cupid.

Dr. X may be literally dead but he's still here! said...


Wait! Now, we're cancelled?

Fuck that!


head idiot said...

Well, sometimes cancelled shows get renewed if there's a massive write-in campaign.

We'll see if that happens.

And I suspect it will (at least through fake write-in letters which I write myself and publish on this blog!).

nog said...

But how do you all feel about video games based on Fallujah?

(all you Lupusheads want to do is talk about lycanthropes!).

Matthew and Emily Clothier said...

What's wrong with games based on battles in Fallujah? Nothing, just as most people don't find anything wrong with games based on WWII battles. Now, games based on battles that took place just five years ago? That's possibly where the problem comes in. Alas, I have no idea what the "proper" time lapse is for these kinds of things, but there clearly is one.

summer's eve said...

Mr. Zac Bennett appears to be...what do the kids call them nowadays...oh right, a douchebag. Many hipsters are, ya know?

Anonymous said...

Summer's Eve is right. "Madchester look" is a douchebag way saying he is inspired by the fashions of iconic bands that came out of Manchester.

Abby Woody is a former student of mine.