Saturday, June 6, 2009

Recent Adventures / Plus, The Important Finale of The Cougar!

With so many quirky cultural events to choose from in Larryville, it's sometimes hard to tell if you're choosing the most "important" ones to attend. One way of being sure is to see whether former Mayor (and proponent of "Dada Day") "Boog" Highberger is in attendance. Boog was spotted cheering on El Santo's battle with the monsters at Liberty Hall's recent "lucha libre" night and also in the crowd at the hippie store Beyond the Door for last night's performance by legendary folk/experimental jazz artist Eugene Chadbourne. Richard must indeed be moving in the right circles.

Beyond the Door, which sells hippie clothing and incense and posters ("in Forttt Scottt, we call this stuff paraphernalia and lock people up for it"--Chip), is owned by a lovely hippie chick named Sherry, who dances around and hugs her favored customers (such as Boog and the little old lesbians from the Replay). For this performance, she even provided free kegs from Free State Brewery for any man, woman, or child who desired it. Chadbourne delighted the crowd with a set on guitar, followed by a set on the banjo (including a song mostly composed of bird noises), followed by a fifteen-minute encore in which he used an "electrified grabber" (of the sort one might pick up leaves with) to produce unusual sounds while grabbing various items such as: a stool, posters on the wall, a hippie's shoe, and a roof beam, which finally produced a screech so loud he deemed it a fitting end to an evening which Richard described as "Absolutely vital art."

Richard: "The grabber quite obviously symbolized his music's power to bring us all together, to 'grab' us in an embrace far removed from the 'mainstream.'"

Chip: "Some of the noises the grabber made were funny."


The Cougar ended its season on Wednesday with a moving finale in which Stacy, torn between two cubs, was forced to make a difficult choice (Chip: "Again, this doesn't make sense. A real cougar would just keep and fuck them both."). But before the final decision, the cubs had to meet Stacy's four children (which was somehow just now happening although they've all been living under the same roof for seven weeks of the show). In the end, Stacy chose (naturally) the cub with whom she had the strongest "physical bond," and the episode ended with the cub's proposal of marriage, which she accepted. Presumably, they lived happily ever after (or at least until the cameras stopped rolling).

Richard: "All in all, the show was fun and the cougar was hot, but I probably won't watch another season unless they move it to HBO and show some titties on it."

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