Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Important "Townie" Events of the Day / Plus, the Triumphant Return of "Babes We'd Bone!"

Two events today should lure "townies" out of their homes and community gardens and onto the scene. The first annual "Pioneers of Local and Organic Foods" ceremony is at Liberty Hall, honoring "the folks that have been working hard for sustainable food before sustainable food was the thing" ( Awards are slated to go to Free State Brewery, Local Burger, and The Merc, perhaps along with some good-natured competition regarding whose veggie burgers are the best.

Chip: "That's funny because there's no such thing as a good veggie burger, much less 'the best.'"

Later in the evening, at Harbour Lights (which was long considered a townie-bar until a recent hipster immigration), Lonesome Hobos take the stage. describes them as "More a collective of old townies than a "band" per se."

Richard: "It's a great description, and one that can easily be applied to any number of local 'bands.'"


Readers, we've had a lot of columns that come and go here over the years, but few have been as divisive as "Babes We'd Bone." Many of our feminist and church-going readers felt that the series was out of place, departing from our usual satirical thrust in a lazy effort which simply presented pictures of pretty women in various states of undress. Others, such as Dr. C and Cl.thier, praised the series for its power to induce boners. Our intention, however, was never primarily provocation or titillation, but rather information (about various women we'd bone, given the opportunity).

Today's subject is Isla Fisher, who, according to Entertainment Weekly, "combines dizzy femininity and no-nonsense verve in the manner of a classic screwball heroine." She's romantically linked to Sacha Baron Cohen (Bruno!), suggesting that she has excellent taste in satire and would probably enjoy spending an evening with the boys. Take a look, followed by commentary.

Richard: "Our friend Beth once offered an entertaining blog where she tried to determine if various women were either 'hot' or 'cute.' I believe she deemed Isla Fisher to be 'cute.' Such distinctions matter little to us. What matters is, we'd bone her."

Chip: "I find her so pleasant that I actually went to see 'Confessions of a Shopaholic.' Full confession: I found it quite charming! The nice thing about this particular photo is that you can see her panties."


Dr. C said...

Yay for the return of BWB! I think Isla Fisher is both cute and hot--I don't think there's a dichotomy between the two. Can you direct me to Beth's blog? I'd love to profit from her wit and wisdom.

nog said...

Yeah, while the return of BWB has not provoked the discussion I hoped for (about whether everyone else wants to bone Isla and how), I thoroughly enjoyed writing it!

Beth's blog is on Myspace, and I think you have to join Myspace to see it. Oh, Beth, why won't you get yourself a blogspot blog!?

cl.thier said...

Count me in as a BIG Isla Fisher fan! And I concur with the good doctor, while girls can be cute or hot, they can also be both - and that's how I like 'em! The combination of a youthful playfulness ("cute") and womanly sex appeal ("hot") is the woman version of sweet and savory! (Or is it sweet and hot?) Personally, I prefer Fisher's turn in Wedding Crashers, as the unhinged nympho, Gloria Cleary. There's something about that crazed, sexual look in her eye that just screams, "Cl.thier! Come over here and..." Well, I'll keep the rest to myself.

nog said...

Well-put, Cl.thier. That "Bruno" is one lucky fucker!

(Chip: I thought Bruno was gay?")

isla's secret! said...

Oh, and quality picture, too. Captures the cute/hot combo and, to concur with Chip - I love the undies peek!

nog said...

Thanks, secret post-er!

I'm very proud of my picture-searching skills on this one!

Anonymous said...

I never said people can't be both cute and hot! Drew Barrymore is a good example. She is both cute and hot. What I had seen of Isla Fisher at the time I posted that blog (her movies and her picture in People Magazine) led me to believe that she was cute, but not hot, but that may or may not be the gospel truth.

I kinda like that my Myspace blog is so hidden. I kinda like that I only have five readers. I also (as you probably know) haven't been very good about posting lately...

And I'm glad to see the return of "Babes We'd Bone." If you recall, it inspired my own series of "Boys Beth would Bang!"

nog said...

Yes, Beth, you need to post more blog material. How are we supposed to know who you'd bang if you don't update more frequently!