Monday, June 15, 2009

Percopalooza: An Evening at the Replay with the Percolator Crew (A Photo Blog)

While the Replay's kickball team was being kicked around mercilessly by the elegant martini-lovers of the Eldridge, a magical evening was underway at the Replay Lounge, which held a fundraiser for Larryville's most eccentric art gallery (Chip was unable to attend, but Richard made a donation in his name and signed him up for the Percolator's mailing list).

While words and pictures can't do the evening justice, you all chose not to attend in person, so you'll have to make do, won't you?

First off, the Percolator folks defaced the Replay's lovely new mural with signs involving the evening's raffle contests.

But what could you win in this raffle? Well, first off was a nice picture of a fox. But the true prize of the evening was this "Farnsworth Bicycle Construction," which was demonstrated on the dance floor. Yes, that's Scary Manilow and Ms. Curvacia Vavoom from the Spooklights as the emcees of the evening.

The Danny Pound Pound offered up a blistering set of countrified rockers, but it was hard to concentrate with this mysterious and terrifying picture of a clown in front of the band.

After Pound's set, Mark Hennessey, of legendary local rock band PAW, read "some poems about cannibalism" which used the phrase "delicious ass" a lot. But one line from a more tender poem stood out in Richard's mind:

"The dog met the word 'dog' and kissed."

Cl.thier: "My God, I wish I'd written that!"

We don't have pictures of the poetry, because Richard was too riveted to photograph it.

As we conclude, you're probably saying to yourself, Sure, it seems sufficiently quirky, but how important could this event really have been when I haven't even seen former mayor Boog in these pictures? Don't speak too soon, readers!


Indie boys across Larryville today surely woke up this morning with a boner for something besides the new Dirty Projectors album. Yes, Jenny Lewis returns to town tonight to coo sweet nothings into our ears. Will this finally be the summer that she spots Richard in the crowd and makes out with him? Doubtful, but let him have his dreams, damn it!


O, to be that lycra bathing suit! said...

Mmm...Jenny. How was she, N.ggle? (And I don't mean "musically"!)

dirty jokes said...

Very tight! The band, I mean.