Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Eight Culinary Wonders of Kansas! / Plus, Where to Go Today If You Love Hedgehogs / Also: Look Who's Twittering!

It's the weekend, readers, a time when our four person readership dwindles to one, at best. Still, we try, so very hard, to keep you informed.

A list released yesterday declared the "eight culinary wonders of Kansas," and two Larryville restaurants received this prestigious honor: Free State Brewery and Wheatfields.

Chip: "Where is Quinton's? Once again, it's like the judges failed to even consider how the caliber of waitress' titties impacts the dining experience."

Richard: "A lot of Larryville foodies are crying in their duck-fat french fries right now because Dempsey's didn't make the cut."

Other restaurants on the list included Chicken Annie's (lumped in with the numerous other legendary chicken shacks of south Kansas), a place where Chip, for some reason, eats spaghetti with his fried chicken.


Owing to the important work of young Judson King, domestic hedgehog ownership in Larryville has skyrocketed this year. Today brings a chance to show off your own hedgehog at the Midwest Hedgehog Show in Shawnee. Here's what the Pitch has to say:

"What animal has been more maligned over the past two decades than the poor, suffering hedgehog? The pitiable mammal has been the subject of hedgehog-flavored potato chips in Britain (true!) and has been anthropomorphized as a corporate video-game mascot... Hedgehogs will be judged on appearance, they will compete in the Hedgehog Games, and the general level of hedgehog awareness will be raised."

Chip: "If my hedgehog gets out of line, I'll turn that fucker into chips."


We haven't played "Look Who's Twittering" in awhile (partly because it's one of our least popular features here). Even so, Richard likes it, and he's the one who writes this stuff. Let's check in today with Liberty Hall's Twitter feed ( Here's a sample post:

"We would LOVE to get Food, Inc., but it's a limited release today and we're basically a third run Art House--it might be a while"

Richard: "See, they don't even strive to be a second-run arthouse. If I owned the place and had the cash, I could turn Liberty into a place people actually enjoyed again. In the meantime, I'll skip Liberty's screenings of Easy Virtue (which will probably attract about a dozen old people this week, total, until Anvil: The Story of Anvil fucking finally opens next Friday!) and go see Year One at the multiplex instead. I like this review from The A.V. Club:

"There are dick, fart, poop, pee, and body-hair gags, all time-honored subjects served up almost completely wit-free. (Okay, Cera hanging upside down and peeing on his own face is a little funny, but Black picking up a piece of shit and eating it is just tired.)"

Chip: "If this film wasn't so blasphemous, it would play like gangbusters in Forttt Scottt."


brad paisley print said...

How long until a "country" song mentions Twitter? And is it a male or female singer?

My bet is on Kenny Chesney, under 7 months. Any takers?

I can't wait for Country Corner to dissect those lyrics!

safe bet said...

Nah, I'm not taking that action. I'm surprised it hasn't happened already.

Also, CNN now seems to base their entire programming primarily on Twitter feeds and Facebook posts.

Dr. X still reads! said...

Someone still watches CNN?

I thought that was illegal and that the only way we were to even know of their existence was through Twitter, Facebook and Jon Stewart's endless mockery!?

Wolf Blitzer said...

Yeah, but I've become fascinated by how their entire Iran coverage consists entirely of random Twitter feeds!