Sunday, June 7, 2009

Biker Update! / Plus, Sunday Kickball Coverage

Since you lazy hipsters never read on the Sabbath anyway, let's just look at some pictures together.

As we reported last week, the City Fathers successfully kicked the hippies out of town and celebrated by hosting a Harley Davidson Rally this weekend, knowing that, unlike the hippies, the bikers might actually spend money in downtown businesses other than the head shops. Even Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse, which hasn't had a paying customer since Vermont Street BBQ opened up, got in on the act with this banner:

In this next photo we see what's known as a "motorcycle mama" waving to the crowd during Saturday's parade along Mass. Street. The boys were scared to wave back, however, suspecting that the bikers would leap off their Hogs and stomp them into the ground.

Although Larryville police looked the other way this weekend and allowed the bikers to run rampant all over town, some pigs from Top City, luckily, stepped in to administer the necessary nightstick beatings. Will the bikers stick around for tonight's early Replay show? Will the place turn into another Altamount? Stay tuned.


If it's Sunday in Larryville, you're probably polishing your kickball shoes and icing down your PBR right now. As you can see from the Kaw Valley Kickball's Twitter feed, quoted above, there has been a major problem so far this year with hipsters tossing cigarette butts on the field. Can't you fuckers wait till after the game to have a smoke?

Tonight's "game of the week" should be a good one: Screamers vs. Free State Brewing? Will the Screamers scare away the brewers with their patented battle shrieks? Will the brewers adhere to the "aluminum cans only" rule or will they carry around glass growlers of Copperhead Ale like a bunch of hill-country moonshiners? See you at Hobbs.

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