Thursday, October 24, 2013

Weekend Picks: Jokes, Music, and 20th Birthday Celebrations at Replay

The LFK comedy scene is all abuzz about tonight's comedy show at the Replay with headliner Timmy Williams of The Whitest Kids You Know.

But who are the lucky LFK jokesters opening up?  Maggie Allen has a slot.  And Sam gets to come out from behind the bar and make some quips.  You'll laugh a bunch.  The PBR helps.


We were going to suggest you take a break from the Replay on Friday but that's just silly.  After all, there's a matinee show featuring a Colorado band called Bearsnail which sounds very much (too much really) like The Mountain Goats.  Check out a few Bandcamp tunes here.



Saturday, of course, is the huge Replay 20th birthday bash.  What in hell did people do in Lawrence before the Replay opened?  We were hoping the bash might bring back some LFK bands from the days of yore, but it looks like the billing is mostly just the bands that still play at the Replay every night.  Even so, it's a solid slate featuring The Hips, OILS, CS Luxem, and Paper Buffalo.  Plus, there's food from Terrebone (during the patio portion of the evening we're guessing) which provides a rare Replay opportunity to eat hushpuppies with your PBR. It's a fucking sweet combination, we assure you!  And also "games."  Hopefully there are free PBRs for the victors of these games.

Here's a cool pinball-themed poster:


And if you're still alive on Sunday after the party, there's a matinee with the always-impressive Hearts of Darkness from KC (with Approach opening) and a late show with Kid Congo Powers.  

Here's to another 20 years of PBR and music!

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