Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weekend Picks, Plus a Very Special Funny/Sad Message From The Noise FM

Our friends in The Noise FM are making a few stops along the route to SXSW and hit the Replay on Saturday along with La Guerre and The Kickback.  As usual, we asked them to send us a funny preview.  They obliged.  But this one also made us cry a little.

The FB event page is here.

Statement from The Noise FM:

"We had every intention of doing something special for you to preview our homecoming show at Replay on Saturday and talk about our recently released 80's-inspired music video for "Keep Me in the Dark."

We'd discussed the idea of getting drunk on wine and reviewing the movie "Son Of God." Jesus would have liked that. We also threw around the idea of doing an Oscars wrap-up, but we didn't actually watch this year due to our van's heat shitting out on our way home from Minneapolis in sub-Arctic temperatures this past Sunday. In addition to trying to get the heat fixed before we take off on tour and explaining to our parents that, Yes, we know our music video looks cheap -- that was the point of it -- and yes, we really DID have to pay for it to look that way, we found out our landlords are selling our house in Chicago and want us out in "30 days, preferably less." We wanted to object, but then we remembered we never officially signed a lease, which should have been the first hint that something like this might happen. They did give us first dibs on buying the house though, nice gesture, but after paying for half a tank of gas for the van we double-checked our bank accounts, and sure enough, we're a bit short of the $400,000 asking price.

It's been a long week. So come on out to Replay on Saturday to make us feel like we're at home, because when we return to Chicago we may not have one."

"Keep Me In the Dark" video:


  Down the street at Fatso's on Saturday, the local "Craigslist Casual Encounter Connoisseurs" known as BaioWolf join forces for a wacky evening with Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt and many others.

Any show that uses the following line as part of it's promotional material has got to be pretty good:

"Not since the 1991 Canada Cup have the US and Canada had such a deep set rivalry play out with it's strongest dance kings." 

We caught Terror Pigeon once before in a VERY intimate Wonder Fair performance that Chip, who does not like "interactivity" at concerts, has deemed one of the Top 5 most uncomfortable shows he's attended.

Chip:  "In many ways, it was quite church-y. There was a tent, and they made me kneel down on the floor for awhile, and I'm pretty sure there was some hugging.  I blacked out around that point."

Here's our original review of that Terror Pigeon show:

"Despite all our talk about how much we love adorable bands, we have to be feeling pretty fucking twee indeed before we don an animal suit and bounce around soberly to some funky beats early on a Tuesday evening. So we slipped in toward the end of Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt's set at Wonder Fair last night, yet still with plenty of time to witness what might best be described as one part New Age seminar (at one point everyone shouted a mantra of "I like you" for several minutes) and one-part freewheeling dance party set to bouncy songs with angsty lyrics about how shit will get better, with interludes for group hugs, a dance showcase by audience members, and a coming-together under a giant parachute (also, inflatable snow men, shirtless dudes, and dudes in dresses a la Of Montreal). The very young (and no doubt VERY high) audience had a blast participating. As for us, we needed a beer (which was not on sale: come on, Wonder Fair!)."

The FB event page for Friday's show is here.

Pre-Saturday events? Well, the Super Nerds are back in action at the Bottleneck on Friday.   According to the flyer, there will be "munchkin."  (is that a game?  or an actual munchkin from Wizard of Oz?  we thought they were all dead).

Visit the FB event page here

Scenesters, have you always wanted to see a version of Pinocchio with music by Drakkar Sauna?  Man, we're gonna get so stoned beforehand!  The Lawrence Arts Center's take on the little wooden boy opens Friday, with puppetry by Lawrence's all-time greatest puppetmaster Spencer Lott (no offense to the Shitty Deal hand-puppeteers).   Read a piece on Spencer here via LJ-World (he's in NY now).

And all this reminds us of the great Being John Malkovich line:  "Nobody's looking for a puppeteer in today's wintry economic climate."

Elsewhere on the theatre scene, West Lawrence's Theatre Lawrence takes a break from farces and musicals and serves up a serious drama that most of their patrons are likely to skip: the recent, much-acclaimed, Pulitzer Prize finalist Other Desert Cities.  Read an piece on the show here.   But don't worry, musical fans: a musical version of The Great Gatsby is up next out there.  There better be a song called "Old Sport."

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