Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend Picks: Sexy Battles, Comedy, Waffle Tacos, Jonathan Richman, YART, and Hello Biplane

With KU out of the tournament, you should have plenty of free time for other cultural pursuits. Let's consider a few.

Chip's Final Friday pick is a series of photographs at SeedCo called The Battle of Freyja, brought to you by the sexy folks at Atomic Photography and Foxy By Proxy.  Check out the FB event page here

Mr. Jonathan Richman hits the Bottleneck tonight with no local buzz whatsoever.  That's all right. His fans will be more than ready for some dancing in the lesbian bar, if you catch our meaning.

Chip:  "I don't catch your meaning.  Is the Bottleneck a lesbian bar now?"

There's another Comedy Freakout in the basement at Frank's tonight.  We predict a lot of jokes about the new Taco Bell breakfast menu.  WAFFLE TACO!  Live mas! (then possibly die).

A favorite ELFK event and fundraiser arrives early Saturday morning:  the YART sale.  Details here for those of you who live in other (lesser) areas of town.

And how about a matinee homecoming show from Hello Biplane at the Replay on Sunday while you eat some real tacos (not WAFFLE TACOS).  Hello Biplane will have a full band, a new EP, and an opening slot from Allison Olassa.  And we bet they're still adorable!  Bonus: it might even be warm outside that afternoon.  Check out the new tunes via Bandcamp and visit the FB event page for the show here.

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