Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mardi Gras Revelry in LFK / Flyer of the Week: Til Willis Matinee on Friday

If we're counting correctly, Lawrence has 56 parades.  But the best of them is the Fat Tuesday march from Aimee's to Free State, led by fearless ringleader Mike West. 

Here's Mike looking especially pretty, even without his wig:

This pig creature joined the march:

 Have you heard the joke about the horse-headed dude walking into Love Garden??

 Local accordion enthusiast Fally in the heart of the festivities for the Free State finale:

More accordion!


Finally, a horn blower and a King Tosser:


Our friends Till Willis and Erratic Cowboy have a Replay matinee this Friday.  Opening up is Plains.  It gets our vote for flyer of the week so far!

Visit the FB event page here.

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