Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday Scenester Showdown: Middle Twin EP Release at Bottleneck vs La Guerre Album Release at Replay

Well, we know what you're NOT doing tonight. You're not watching KU play Dayton in the Sweet 16.  So you might as well hear some local music instead.

Two local shows vie for your attention.  Middle Twin (the artists formerly known as Brain Food) have an EP release show at the Bottleneck.  It's a free show.  If you haven't seen Middle Twin yet, you're seriously missing out.   Forrester, last year's Farmer's Ball winner, is also on the bill. And speaking of  the Farmer's Ball, this year's event is on the horizon.  Head over to KJHK and do your scenester duty and vote!

Check out Middle Twin's new "Savor Faire" video below (but get high first).

La Guerre is also releasing a new album at the Replay tonight. You can dig the new sounds via Soundcloud.

 Also on the bill:  the intriguingly titled See Through Dresses from Omaha.

Chip:  "I've been burned so many times on band names.  PLEASE let this be a band of sexy gals in actual see through dresses and not some kind of sausage party."

The third band also has an interesting name.  We're guessing there is not a real boys' choir involved. If so, please don't buy them PBRs.  You'll go to jail.

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