Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Three Final Friday Picks: Prints, Monks, Bombs, and Superheroes

Well, another Final Friday approaches and, with any luck, it might not even be snowing or below zero that night. But does anyone care about art anymore?  We're just not certain. Let's see if the crowds return this week.

Wonder Fair is back in full swing with an opening from KU printmaker Jonathan Metzger called "Where I'm From, Where I Want To Be."  We're sure you want to be at Wonder Fair for this. Visit the FB event page here.

The Percolator has a show that  "will open with a blessing and prayer for peace, by the monks of the Lao Buddhist Association of Olathe Ks. at 6:00 pm on March 28."  

The multi-media exhibit is called "Hard Rain, Living With Bombs in Laos."  

We don't expect a light-hearted evening.

Visit the FB event page here.  This is the FB event page photo:

And the LAC has a preview for their upcoming annual art auction (which this year will contain some of the priciest stuff in the event's history: from Burroughs, of course).   Also at the LAC are some cool sketches of superheroes and such from Tom Moore. Details here via LAC site.

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