Monday, March 24, 2014

We Interview Kansas City's Captiva: "No, Captiva isn't a perfume or an exotic porno."

Captiva is a young indie-funk band (or "funky shiz" band, as they call it) out of KC.   You probably don't know them yet.  But they'll be popping up at several Lawrence shows in the coming months.  Find them at the Bottleneck on  Wed. Apr. 2 (along with King Dong Variety Hour!) and this summer at the Granada on June 28th.  We decided to find out just how funky this shiz really is, so we sat down for a nice chat about their upcoming debut record and the KC music scene.

Check out a Captiva jam called "Buzzed Like Bees" over here via Soundcloud, give them a "like" on FB here, and follow them on Twitter @CaptivaTweets.

Now enjoy this Captiva-ting interview!

Chip:  Tell us about the band name.  To me, "Captiva" sounds like a perfume that should have one of those vaguely kinky and bewildering black and white ads.  Or maybe it sounds like a French torture-porn film.  But I'm guessing that's not what you were going for?

No, Captiva isn't a perfume or an exotic porno. But, if the listeners demand it, then we'll do what we have to do. "Captiva" is a reference to our captivating tunes with enveloping lyrics that really capture our listeners in a cage of song and storytelling. Captiva is also an island off the coast off Florida, a popular vacation destination. This symbolizes our music as being a sort of vacation or fresh breath of air from a routine stress-filled day.

Richard:  So your debut record is being produced by The Elders, who are legends within the KC scene. Tell us about working with them.  Will you be bringing some of their Irish sounds into the mix at all??

We mainly work with the fiddle and guitar player Brent Hoad. Brent is a funny guy and has the same goony personality as we do, which makes it easy to connect and have a good time when we're in the studio. Our music does have a sort of folk sound to it due to some of our acoustic, finger-picking tracks, but most all of those tracks were created long before we came into the influence of The Elders.

Chip:  Your FB page describes your genre as "funky shiz," which is certainly one of my top three genres (along with "twee" and "crunk").   Describe the Captiva sound for us in a little more detail?  Is it easy to shake my ass to it?

Our genre is something more like "indie funk meets rappy folk." We have certain tunes that will most definitely get a crowd pumped. Our album holds a couple of songs that will no doubt get some heads bobbing and booties shaking due to the songs' rap/funk influence. On the other hand, we also have certain tunes that will give a listener some time to chill out and enjoy some good vibes.

Chip:  I think that "good vibes" is usually a code for smoking weed, am I right?

Richard:   Tell us a little more about the KC music scene in general, since many of our lazy Lawrence readers rarely make it over there for shows.  What do you think are the best-kept secrets in KC in terms of cool venues and cool bands our readers should look into?

The Kansas City music scene is a growing community that incorporates a heavy folk/blues background with a newer, more modern pop sound. Over only a small number of years, the music scene has developed rapidly, and we have seen the growth of many wonderful bands, some of whom we have had or will have the pleasure of working with such as New Madrid, AY-MusiK, and countless others. The always-expanding variety and size of the music community in KC truly represents the strength of our city. In our personal opinions, the KCMO scene is one of the best nationwide. Hands down. Captiva has grown so rapidly and heavily within such a short time, and we owe it all to our city. Our loyal fans and strong support system really pushes us to represent our town as best as possible. We do produce dope music, and good looks, but KC is what makes our dope shiz look so damn good.

Richard:  Leave us with a blurb that convinces our readers that they absolutely MUST attend your Apr. 2 show at the Bottleneck. 

Everyone should be at the Bottleneck April 2nd, especially college kids, as this is one of our last shows in Lawrence before we start touring the college market. We'll be playing some house parties over the summer, and the Granada June 28th, but this is one show you won't want to miss. Get your buds (take "buds" in whatever form you please) and come chill with us. We love L-Town, and we know you love us, so let's get down in college town like you know best and make a party that'll end your year feeling #buzzed.

Chip:   Okay, now I'm CERTAIN that you guys are talking about weed.  (Wink).

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