Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Scenester Pick: Little Howlin' Wolf at the Replay / More Hijinks From Loaded For Bear

It's another Wiggins Day in LFK!  But what else might be of interest?

 Little Howlin' Wolf hits the Replay tonight.  Our first guess was that Little Howlin' Wolf is a child blues prodigy.  But we guessed wrong. Apparently Little Howlin' Wolf is a...

"Polish fellow from the South Side of Chicago whose past activities have included being a bounty hunter, secret agent, diving instructor, and kids' pirate entertainer. As a street musician, he also has created a body of free-flowing music from another planet ranging from demented voodoo-blues, junkyard calypso, fractured free-gospel and other uncategorizable sound forms that call to mind the greatest moments of Abner Jay, Albert Ayler, and Don Van Vliet."

Well, sure.  This has got to be the pick of the night, right?

Here's Little Howlin' Wolf.  Learn more and hear some tunes here.  The first tune we clicked, "Astral Blue," begins with a bunch of noises that sounds like a rhino stampede.


The Loaded for Bear gang is back with us today for two more attempts to get you to attend their show this weekend.  The first is written by Matt Gaus's baby and the next is a written by a handout.  And stick around for the very strange new flyer below.

Loaded for Bear 4: Ad Astra Per Ursa – November 22 and 23, Lawrence Arts Center, 8:30 p.m. $9. Tickets available at the box office, or at lawrenceartscenter.org/calendar/

Why You Should See Loaded for Bear 4
by Max Lowrance-Gaus, Age 1

I’ll just say it: you should go see Loaded for Bear 4, the comedy show co-produced by my parents. “But Max,” you’re saying. “You’re one years old. That’s only one more than zero years old. Why should I give a crap what you think?” Let me explain.

So I’m at daycare the other day, and this kid Rafael comes up to me and says “My daddy’s a biomedical researcher at KU Med. He’s close to a breakthrough that will lead to a cure for Parkinson’s disease. What does your dad do?” “He dresses up like a cowboy , delivers “fictional” monologues about an unhealthy sexual obsession with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and calls it satire.”

Jesus Christ.

My mom’s not any better. Last night she’s hunched over her editing console, and I’m like “Hey mommy, could you read me Goodnight Moon?” “Not now, Max. Mommy’s almost figured out how to make lasers shoot out of Josef Stalin’s crudely animated eyeballs.” Yeah, mom, that’ll win you an Oscar. “Leave your mama alone and come eat dinner,” Dad said. “We’re having Doritos and Red Bull again.”

So why should you see Loaded for Bear 4? Because thirty years from now, when I’m getting fired from the car wash for stealing change out of your center console, or arrested for urinating on your air conditioning unit, you might not be able to forgive, but you might be able to understand.

Why You Should Go See Loaded for Bear 4: Ad Astra Per Ursa
By An HR Handout on Proper Lifting

I love Loaded for Bear! It’s great comedy and you should totes go see it on November 22nd and 23rd at the Lawrence Arts Center!  But there’s another reason I really love Loaded for Bear, and I’ll let you in on it: it’s because they really get loads! In my line of work, that’s incredibly important! I’m a handout that details how to lift things properly, so I know about loads. “Stand close to the load,” “Firmly grip the load,” “Use your legs to lift the load.” And Loaded for Bear brings the loads along with what I’m told is comedy.  

See, I’m just a crude series of diagrams that show people lifting a box together, so I don’t really get most forms of humor. But when I see everyone else laughing and having a great time, I have to assume that Loaded for Bear, in addition to being great with loads, is also really funny!  So go see Loaded for Bear, because which would you rather do – watch Loaded for Bear 4: Ad Astra Per Ursa or face a lifetime of back pain?

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