Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cool Music News of the Week: Too Much Rock's New Singles Series / Movie Event of the Week: Advance Screening of Alexander Payne's Nebraska

Sometimes we get a little down and out because it seems like no one really gives a shit about music (or movies, etc) anymore.  But then something cool comes along and we feel a little better (briefly).

One such cool thing is the new 7" singles series from our friends over at Too Much Rock:

"Each old-school two-song single features one unique song paired with one cover chosen by the site.  We press 500 limitied edition copies and then simply give them to the band.  We lose money.  Bands make a little. Vinyl lives.  Everyone wins."

God bless 'em!

The first in the series is 100% bad-ass.  First song: Schwervon's intense, propulsive "Landlocked."  Second song:  Schwervon covering The Raincoats' 1979 "Off Duty Trip." (how's that for a cool, obscure choice??).

You can hear "Landlocked" via the Too Much Rock site right here, and flag down the good folks in Schwervon to score the sweet vinyl (they are currently overseas on tour...go find them!). 

If you're a music nerd, you've already come up with ten ideas about what local bands and covers should be included on future releases, but don't bother.  Too Much Rock isn't taking requests.  Based on this first release, however, we're pretty confident it's all gonna be good.



If we lived in Kansas City, we'd be at the Alamo Drafthouse special screenings every damn night.  Until we went broke. Which would be pretty quickly.

Tonight they're offering an advance look at our second most-anticipated film of the fall:  Alexander Payne's Nebraska.  (Our most anticipated:  the new Coen brothers film, obviously).

Following the screening will be a simulcast Q&A with Bruce Dern (who is poised to win a Best Actor for this...we can feel it) and Will Forte.

It's shot in glorious black-and-white and might hit screens near you around Thanksgiving, if you're lucky. 

Details on the screening here via Alamo KC.

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