Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Art Pick: CryptoSKETCHology / Townie Pick of the Week: Larryville Trivia Night at Watkins Museum

Sure, Halloween is four days in the past, but you wouldn't know it from all the rotting jack-o'lanterns and bedraggled decorations scattered around LFK.  So you might as well make time for one more spooky event. 

The Thieves' Guild drink-and-draw gang is back at Fatso's tonight with "CryptoSKETCHology." The poses are provided by "lovely lupine Putressa le Pew of Foxy by Proxy."  We hope she strikes a chupacabra pose!


All right, Larryville-lovers, do you want to impress everyone with your extensive knowledge of LFK history and culture?  Join our friends at Watkins Museum on Friday for "Larryville Trivia Night."  Don't worry: there's beer involved.  In fact, Watkins is one of the few museums that seem to consistently recognize that beer really brings history to life! 

Sure, they're competing with a KU basketball game on Friday, but perhaps they'll include a few Wiggins' questions, such as:  "Who is the most important person to ever live in Larryville?" 

Details below or at the Watkins' website (where you'll also notice that another Watkins' "Beer Night" is on the way).

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