Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Night Meet-Ups: Wiggins Meets Duke and #QR1863 Meets #KSNUT1861 (For Those Who Speak Hashtag)

Sorry, scenesters, sometimes you just can't avoid basketball in LFK.  Tonight is the first big game of the season and, by most accounts, Duke is poised to give KU a royal thrashing (despite the presence of the great and mighty Wiggins).  We recommend watching at Liberty to check out the new cinema upgrades.

And return to Liberty again over the weekend if you can stomach further whippings, because intrepid new cinema manager Maggie has booked 12 Years a Slave, somehow kidnapping the film right out from under Regal Southwind 12.  Having seen it in KC a few weeks ago, we think it's safe to say that it will win Best Picture for sure.   (unfortunately, a lot of people will probably put off seeing it until the nominations arrive...don't be one of those people...go see it at Liberty Hall).


We had so much fun participating in the #QR1863 live-tweet of Quantrill's Raid over the summer that we want to give a special shout-out to a panel discussion tonight at the LAC that's being called "#QR1863 Meets #KSNUT1861."  The latter hashtag refers to LFK's 9th annual (and ever-changing) production of A Kansas Nutcracker at Lawrence Arts Center, which incorporates Kansas historical figures into the beloved play.  This year's version will bring a few #QR1863 characters into the mix (sadly, the tweeting horse doesn't seem to be one of them).  Among tonight's panelists:  Christine Metz (the Queen of #QR1863) and omnipresent KU historian Jonathan Earle.

 Read Sarah Shepherd's L.com piece on tonight's event here.  And see full details and cool links on this year's production via the LAC site.

The meeting starts at 7:00 and will be over long, long before KU's late game.


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