Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend Picks for Foodies and Hipsters

With the extreme success of's two downtown eateries, along with our new European bistro 715, Larryville is increasingly becoming a town of ultra-pompous foodies. If you've got $150 dollars in your pocket tonight, the place to be is the "Winemaker Dinner" at the Oread Hotel, part of Larryville's "Salute! A Festival of Wine and Food" and, yes, the exclamation point is part of the name). We're having trouble accessing a full menu right now but, given the town's current proclivities, every course is almost certain to include at least some bunny meat.

In an effort to improve their foodie vocabularies, the boys have begun paying careful attention to food writing, particularly that of the New York Times, where they routinely encounter sentences such as this:

"Mr Redzepi pairs a pulp of air-dried sea buckthorn with pickled rose hips in one amuse-bouche."

Chip: "I'm pretty sure that 'amuse-bouche' is a foodie term for a dish that's a bit ridiculous, or perhaps funny-looking. For instance, it would be proper to say: ''s rabbit-dog is a real amuse-bouche!'"

As for the hipster world, there's only one place to be tonight, the Tap Room, where local hero Dri's new band, Extra Classic, will pack the basement with sweaty hipsters who may be too busy trying to sound knowledgeable about "dub" and Dri's previous work to bother dancing. Yes, we all know that The Anniversary's Your Majesty played a huge, formative role in your development as a discerning consumer of local music but please shut up and shake your ass to "Congo Rebel."

Check out Extra Classic here:

Make sure to get there early (which probably means 11:30 or so) to check out opener Tommy Ferrari and the Future Motor Machines. According to, their "radtastic biker pop is futuristically motorlicious."

Richard: "I was honestly considering going to the show until I read that line."

You might also be interested in watching local rock journalist Kacie Faye's interview with the band:

Kacie follows us on Twitter. Will she interview the boys soon?


@BARRR said...

The show was OOC! (#OUTOFCONTROL) Danced my ass off. I threw a pitcher of water on the crowd. They didn't seem to respond like I thought they would....cuz it was hot as balls down there and packed! Whiney babies! I should've saved the pitcher for myself. You can witness this insanity when it's posted on the Turnpike...or just do what everyone else does....and NOT watch the turnpike.....

hipster sweat smells like PBR said...

That's one of the main reasons we avoid the Tap basement. The pitcher sounds like a good idea. I'll watch from home in the air-conditioning!