Monday, July 5, 2010

The NoBunny Show is Tomorrow! / Weekly Twitter Re-Cap

It's been such a long and lazy holiday weekend that not a single one of our usual readers nor any of our 93 new Twitter "disciples" has bothered to stop by and say hello. Oh well. Our work continues anyway.

We've already showcased tomorrow night's NoBunny show at the Jackpot weeks ago, but as it draws nigh, let's take a closer look at what hipsters are in store for. Here's an interweb concert review:

"The set was a raucous tromp through R&B via punk rock, delivered by a guy in underwear, fishnets, a leather jacket, and a bunny mask."

And this one is even better:

"...just when it seemed like NOBUNNY himself (the man behind the bunny prefers to never reveal his true identity) wasn't going to show, a creature clothed in nothing but a terrifying mask/wig combo, a t-shirt, some tight briefs and a pair of high heels slithered through the crowd (on the ground, on his stomach) and onto the stage. What followed was a much-needed half-hour shot in the arm of crunchy, lo-fi, one-to-three-minute blasts of fun. NOBUNNY worked the house like James Brown, drinking from one of his high heels, stripping off his t-shirt, slipping into headliner Gentleman Jesse's "I Don't Wanna Know" mid-song and inspiring the crowd to sing along in gaping awe throughout."

And perhaps you'll want to arrive early enough to witness opening act Wayne Payne and the Shit Stains. As for us, we're fans of the band's song titles (such as "Sig Heil to the Lady" and "Daddy's Got a Dirty Book"), but we can't make it through a whole song on their Myspace without covering our ears.

Here's the bunny:


In our second full week of Twitter, we have rocketed up to 93 followers, thanks largely to the help of a local social-media maven who is the on-line content manager for the Sandbar. Thanks for all the good press! In other important Twitter news, Richard "took a meeting" down at Esquina last week with two local movers-and-shakers in the arts scene, one of whom got in touch via Twitter, praised this blog, and expressed interest in creating a successor to the rapidly failing It was agreed that Larryville's cultural scene is in great need of a resource that not only offers a (correct) schedule of local events but actually COVERS some of said events in a mix of informal and scholarly voices. Richard vowed to be a willing contributor to such a site, if anyone had the technological know-how to get it up and running. Gentlemen (and AsteroidHeads), let's get this shit up and running!

(in other Twitter news, we are still unlaid and unpublished, with no production deals despite one afternoon spent trying to interact with the great Martin Starr, who you may know as Roman on the hilarious-but-just-cancelled Party Down and Bill Haverchuck on the late, great Freaks and Geeks).


Weird Stache said...


I'm with Chip said...

What the fuck is this shit?


This is going to turn into a fucking commune.

I'm bringing the pipe swingers. The purge must begin!

--Team Kip

Oh, relax. said...

Team Richard.

Let the man get his due praise. This shit (by which I lovingly mean "blog") needs to recognized. I'm all for Richard's new-found fame!

how dare he?! said...

I can tell Richard has already changed...notice Chip was completely absent from this (boner joke-free) post? And Richard mentions Esquina with nary a smart-ass comment about pork butt tacos with squash and granny smith apple slaw! Sellout. Goodbye, Harry Lupus.

local yocal said...

And notice he had to change his photo in order to not be noticed out on the prowl trying to find and fuck Gloria Vanderbilt.

Maybe will become "Poor Richard's Almanac".

where's our book deal? said...

Aw, the hipster readers are crying because the blog is (slightly more) popular. Go find another blog that nobody likes yet!