Sunday, July 25, 2010

The LC Considers the KC Fringe Festival / Also: KC Artist of the Week / Geek Rage!

KC's annual week-long bonanza of (weird) art and theater and music and movies is underway, and InkKC offers a useful guide to the madness of the Fringe Festival.

Here we offer a few picks of what might be worth your time:

For melancholy hipsters: an hour-long play based on the Mountain Goats' ultra-depressing album Tallahassee.

For sci-fi geeks: Khaaaaaan! The Musical (the press material says: "Go back to the future in this 1980's rock and roll Enterprise...Set phasers to laughter").

And for fans of the circus: Cirque du Gay presents "The Happy Circus," in which "two gay clowns service you with a rainbow of entertainment and pure happy fun."

Chip: "'Service' certainly makes it sound like these clowns are going to blow the entire audience."

The newest addition of InkKC also profiles several intriguing area artists.

Our favorite: Megan Stockman, 20, of KC dance troupe Quixotic Fusion. Why can't Asteroid Head recruit some members who look like this? (and who are so delightfully...flexible).


The fanboy world is shocked today by a stabbing which occured over seating arrangements during a Resident Evil panel at yesterday's Comic-Con in San Diego.

Richard: "I could totally understand this if the stabbing occurred over who got to sit closer in, say, the panel for the new Avengers film. But Resident Evil?"


@AsteroidHeadArt said...

We're already on top of recruiting the Quixotic Fusion dancerz as you read this! Thx for the headz up.....We're playing Girls with Low Self Esteem tonight @ Water Tower Park. I'm sure Quixotic Fusion will cheer them right up!

don quixote's boner said...

If you bring that lady to Wonder Fair, it will be one of the greatest events in Larryville art history!

(which raises the question: what are currently the greatest events in Larryville art history?).