Sunday, July 11, 2010

Local Culture Via Twitter / The Boys' Box-Office Report

Yes, yes, we get it. Some of our older fans are bitter because the site is evolving beyond a private repository of boner and Chip jokes into something new that is actually occasionally read by local hipsters and townies. Get over it. After a long growth period "underground," we are ready to emerge into the Larryville sunlight and connect with our neighbors, social-media-style (primarily with strippers, of course, but also with Asteroid Heads, local bands, and fellow bloggers). Stick with us if you so desire (and, we promise, there WILL be occasional boners).

Today we highlight a few of our favorite recent discoveries about Larryville that might never have come to our attention without the magic of Twitter.

Over at this site-- -- GriffNasty on synth and his partner Dr. Gamage on drums do weird things and document their "erratic behavior" on video. Perhaps we'll occasionally venture into such high-tech territory at the LC, but would you really want to see Chip grinding during DJ nights at the TapRoom?

We're also fond of unusual "tweeters," such as Abner the Owl, whose bio claims that he is "an ornery, avantpop, supertrash, hipster owl... with the ability to type." We don't get it, but it sure is odd. Abner's Twitter page also contains a useful list of "ladies of Lawrence," a quick resource for locating sexy, witty local tweeting ladies! Follow him here:

And of course we've known about the Asteroid Heads for a long time (judging from our long history of making fun of their work), but we didn't know they hosted live "freak-out" sessions which you can watch on-line (for those of us too scared to join in person).

Check one out here:

Chip: "If the Larryville police wanted to get most of the 'shrooms off the street, I'd suggest raiding one of these 'freak-outs.'"

Readers, go forth and connect with these folks!


Fanboys have waded through 23 years of sequels and franchise mash-ups (Alien vs. Predator) for a decent sequel to 1987's Predator (which they honestly believe to be a masterpiece). Will this weekend's Predators, opening with surprisingly strong critical reception, satisfy the geeks? Let's visit AICN.

CyberVishnu is not satisfied: "Pretty weak sauce, although Adrien Brody is pretty badass. Oh and for the record, PREDATOR 2 is the DEFINITIVE sequel to the original and it owns your grandfather's balls! King Willy will see you now."

Yoda's Ball Sack is also unhappy with the new film: "One word review of Predators............Turd."

And finally, That_Girl_From_The_Lowes_Commerc ials_GARGANTUAN_FOREHEAD says: "In conclusion, I never... EVER thought i would say this about a film, but i cannot deny it. "Predators" was actually worse than the following films: AVP, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Transformers 2, Alien Resurrection, X-Men: Last Stand, Spiderman 3, and Ballistick: Ecks vs. Sever."

Chip: "What was wrong with Ballistick: Ecks vs. Sever?"


I may swear occasionally said...

OK, but check it:

If we're appealing to the bourgeois shitstain not-hipsters-cum-hipsters... why retain the characters? These fucking reprobates know nothing of Kip/ Chip? Harry Lupus/ The Cloth. (The Cloth cares not for stank hipster bitches! The Cloth runs in circles knee-deep in pussy and sweaty breastages rubbing on each other and tongue-knapping each other's glistening yumfunny every time he threatens to even begin singing Dave Matthews. If he breaks out the Ryan Adams -- the hottest foot-bitches in the state will instantly strip and gnaw the taint from one another until The Cloth deigns to preside over their fucky. Yah, you can quote that.)

If this place has truly sold out to be some kind of haven to these fucktastic shatholes... who I thought we were supposed to be mocking at every waking moment (unless it got Richard and/ or Kip... which it never would [meaning Kip] LAID.). If so, I would wish we could also explore topics into local urban culture. Hard-core bling rap and maybe more colorful stories like whoever Hef is fucking and what does it read like in print?

Also: no more fat chicks. Fuck off, fatty (as my catchphrase goes)... We don't give a shit... and you're a fatty. (Even hipsters don't wanna fuck you, fatty... there are plenty potbellied sows drunk off the PBR tit to amuse them.) And take a fucking bath!

Where were we -- right: tits!

And if we're selling out -- could we not have more tits? Because tits are a demographic too.

--And I still want the fucking story hour to return even if it is only for the hipsters. Hipsters like fucking zombies. And being pilloried. And shit.

Poochy said...

Chip (and the other characters, aside from a thinly fictionalized Richard) ARE slowly being phased out and sent back to their home planets.

But we do long for Cl.thier to start playing gigs again at pussy-bars. (and not the fucking Jazzhaus hippie drum circles!).

Like Hell! said...

Oh, we lose Kip and I'm out!

--Beating up that chubby bitch is my only hobby!

Get on with it said...

Ugh. Haters need to get their own blogs. Stop trash-talking the readership of this blog. Stop being a little bitch about the changes going on here at the LC. Stop being the guy whose only comments are about wanting shit to stay the same. Just let Nog get on with bizniss; he shouldn't have to keep explaining/apologizing for whateverthefuck he wants to do with his own fucking blog. Don't like it? Scram. Or at least STFU.

Anonymous said...

Uh, if you're gonna talk shit, you really need to be a bit more hip about it.

Chip said...

All I want is a quiet place to make my little boner jokes, but now this place is full of people who think boners aren't funny.