Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Kickball Coverage / Hipster Pick of the Day / Split Lip on Squidbillies!

In our minds, local kickball stopped being truly hip at least two years ago and anybody willing to play during today's "heat warnings" deserves to be institutionalized. But we're in the minority and kickball-talk still dominates hipster discussions each Sunday, so we feel duty-bound to cover it. Our favorite resource remains Deron's "Sunday(s) in the Park" blog.

This week's match-ups are analyzed by tofuscramble411 and our vote for most interesting goes (not surprisingly) to the epic geek battle of AsteroidHead vs. AstroKitty Comics:

"This game comes with high stakes for both teams as the captains have put a friendly wager on the game for the rights to use the prefix “Astro” in the team’s name for the remainder of the season. Astroidhead could become idhead, which would make for a Freudian field day. Astrokitty would simply become a cute, adorable kitty far removed from it’s superhero beginnings." (from Sunday(s) in the Park).

And the "Game of the Week" at Hobbs looks promising as well: 6News vs. Liberty Hall. Who the hell will be manning the desk during the 10:00 broadcast while all the reporters are on the kickball field? We wouldn't mind serving as substitute anchors tonight and bringing the Chronicles live to Lawrence. Call us if needed.


If you're bummed about not being at the Pitchfork Music Fest tonight for the double-whammy of Pavement/Sleigh Bells (which is sure to be the hippest event in the history of hipster music), consider consoling yourself with a Pitchfork-approved band at the Jackpot tonight. Austin's YellowFever receives a perfectly respectable 7.2 from Pitchfork for their self-titled debut.

We don't know much about them except that they are a duo and their music has been termed "haunted house surf music." For us, that's all we need to know. And take a look at them:


And if, like us, you prefer to stay home and avoid the heat, there's something on television tonight that will appeal to geeks and stoners and hippies and hipsters alike: it's the Squidbillies musical on Adult Swim, featuring a song by Larryville legends Split Lip Rayfield (along with other great artists such as Welch and Rawlings and DBT). Pass the bong!


there can be only one said...

So, who is the true "Astro"?

Best.Kickball.Game.Ever said...

We haven't heard the results yet, but we think it's safe to say that the geeks won!

mal y pense said...

It's always safe to say that the geeks won, dumbfuck.

Asteroid Head said...

ASTEROID HEAD WINS IN EXTRA INNING! Down by 2 in the 9th inning....came back to tie the game! Kitty was held scoreless after ASTEROID HEAD scores another 2 runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EAT IT NERDS! @BARRR heckle of the game "C'mon guys...these dudes jack off to cartoons!" TWOOSH!

smurfette doesn't fuck said...

Congrats to Asteroid Head for keeping their "Astro."

But we think we've ALL jacked off to cartoons before.

Dr. C said...

Guilty as charged.