Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend Pick for Scenesters: Victor Continental / Also: Comic-Con Geeks Stage a Phelps' Counter-Protest!

The annual appearance by Victor Continental at Liberty Hall is too popular to be truly "hip" these days (serious hipsters wouldn't dare pay 10 bucks for a ticket but choose instead to wait and meet up with the cast for the after-party). But it's still an essential event for scenesters hoping they might get mentioned amidst the show's insider humor. As for the boys, we're mainly in it for the drinking games these days. See you there...balls deep!!

Richard: "If I were a writer for the show (and if anyone involved is reading this, please get in touch!), there would be a major sketch about's takeover of the downtown dining scene. The Burger Stand is serving a "wild boar hot dog" today, for fuck's sake!"


If you're a true geek, you're in San Diego this weekend for Comic-Con, perhaps the only place in the world where a guy has a decent chance of getting laid based on his knowledge of the new Thor project or the lesser seasons of The X-Files. And this year, local hatemongers from the Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka decided to take their anti-gay protests to the convention.

Chip: "Actually, it's easier to understand their logic than usual. What's gayer than a bunch of comic-book geeks?"

Not easily rattled by preposterous behavior, the geeks staged a large counter-protest. Here's an excerpt from a Salon piece:

"One guy in a Starfleet uniform held up a cardboard sign that said "God hates Jedi" on one side and "God Needs a Starship" on the other. Other counter protesters held up signs that said, "Support fiction, read the Bible," and "Odin is God Read 'The Mighty Thor' #5" The Comic Con goers also rallied themselves for a rousing chorus of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" making the whole thing seem a very serious, or "a very special" episode of "Glee."

Here's a great photo of the counter-protest from

All glory to the hypno-toad indeed! (for you non-geeks, that's a Futurama reference!).

And now, if you'll excuse us, we are off to the multiplex to watch Angelina Jolie whip ass in Salt.

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