Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Visit to the Style Scout! / More Praise for the LC

For those of us who enjoy local cultural coverage, the devolution of is a sad thing. Recent headlines include: "A guide to tomatoes: Picking the right type for your needs" and "Double Take: Aunt fears niece’s clothing too provocative." Come on,! Your readers are local hipsters. We don't want a farmer's almanac or a tween-age advice column. We want to know if last night's Rooftop Vigilantes show was fucking awesome or not.

Luckily, a few good things remain on the site. We enjoy Chewyfally's "I Heart Local Music" columns and, most of all, Style Scout, which returns today with a visit to two patrons of the Replay Lounge (which is presumably where our Scouter, Caitlin Donnelly, was hanging out when she realized her deadline was approaching).

This week's first subject is Audrey Singer, whose fashion influences are "Winona Ryder’s character in “Reality Bites,” [and] Bettie Page and Helen Hunt in “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Her least favorite fashion trend is "anything with words on the butt." Audrey would like to see more "proper grammar usage" and "creative high-fiving" in Larryville, and people tell her that she looks like Katie Holmes.

Chip: "I'd high-five her very creatively, if you catch my meaning. Actually, I'm not even sure what I mean by that, or if it's even a sexual innuendo."

Richard: "Personally, I love when women wear clothing with words on the butt, because it provides more of a reason for staring at butts, which I believe to be the intention of that particular fashion trend."

Next up is Joel Brummett, who describes his style as "Country-western, dirty townie and redneck nerd." Joel defines his current favorite fashion trends in this manner: "Florescent bright shirts with black lettering, big sunglasses, short shorts and slip-ons are pretty sweet right now." His least favorite trends are "flip-flops on men" and mustaches.

Here's Joel, but please go to for another picture of the cool William S. Burroughs tattoo on his arm:

So, are they stylish, or aren't they?


Okay, so we didn't make the "Chicken Monkey Duck" video currently linked in our sidebar (although we certainly wish we had such skills), but we did bring it to your attention, and we are being thanked for doing so.

Honorable Reverend H: "That 'Chicken Monkey Duck' song is the best thing on the LC in ages and possibly the best thing on the internet, ever."


retread said...

LC writers, this article should have been titled: An Attractive Female At The Fucking Replay!!!!

The booties belie the notion that this Olathe squaw is just slumming in Larryville...not stylish and fits right the fuck in the overall style-less state of Kansas...

So Sugar Dick, how was Twilight?

Sugar Dick said...

Two words: Team Bella!