Saturday, July 3, 2010

Local Art Wins Prestigious Prize / The Boys Gaze Upon the New (and Improved?) Wonder Woman

Readers, Matthew Farley's public art piece, Frozen Assets, has been displayed twice in KU's Chi Omega fountain over the years, and it has now been chosen as one of the 40 best public art displays in the US and Canada by a group known as Americans for the Arts. The LC first considered this dispaly way back on Dec. 18, 2008. Let's look at our original post:

"Winter break is about to begin on campus after one more day of finals, but a new work of 'public art' has been installed on the Chi Omega Fountain just in time for the last days of exams and will remain on display through February. KU Senior Matthew Farley's piece, "Frozen Assets," consists of around 1000 plastic water bottles arranged to mimic flowing water. “I wanted to approach the idea of a fountain and what that could mean and how it might be related to the way we consume water,” explains Farley (

Chip: "First off, Farley, a fountain is not an 'idea'. Second, I don't like the idea of 'art' tainting the sacredness of this fountain, which is known as a place where sorostitutes from the nearby houses frolic naked in the spring and occasionally fuck in, according to 'Sex on the Hill.' "

Richard: "One of my New Year's resolutions is to bang a sorostitute in that fountain in 2009."

As it turns out, Richard never did bang a sorostitute in that fountain, perhaps because the damn thing is so often full of water-bottle art.

Anyway, congratulations to Matthew Farley on the award!


Horny comic book geeks who have spent their lives jerking off to Wonder Woman fantasies were dismayed this week by new changes in the iconic figure:

"Gone are the ample red bustier, star-flecked hot pants (or are they panties?) and red knee-high boots, a 1940s-pinup look that Lynda Carter brought to life in the 1970s TV series. Now, Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince, wears black leggings or tights. She sports a motorcycle jacket and little bootie-like shoes. Her tiara is there, but mostly covered by her flowing hair. She looks less like Wonder Woman and more like a modern-day urban hipster with perhaps a costume on under her clothes" (AP).

Here's the new look:

Richard: "Actually, I like the idea of an 'urban hipster' Wonder Woman who gets her powers from drinking PBR and lassoes villainous hipsters who enjoy the wrong bands."

Our feminist readers: "The new look allows us to focus more on Wonder Woman's achievements and less on her 'look,' the sexiness of which has always belied her considerable power. This has been a long time coming."

Chip: "New Wonder Woman barely even gives me a boner. I'll stick with Power Girl:


WAVES fan said...

Nothing about the original Wonder Woman is retained here. It would be nicer to see her return to her WWII roots.

Still, Power Girl, who can argue with that?

an extra "V" said...

Adding an unecessary extra letter to band names is often the difference between total hip and total shit.