Thursday, July 22, 2010

Naked Girls Reading! / This Week on Twitter

At the LC, we love literature and we love naked women. When you combine those two things, the result is almost inevitably going to be...major boners.

Thanks to our Twitter-buddy Anna Undercover for tipping us off to the existence of a series of events called "Naked Girls Reading," which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: fully undressed burlesque performers read works of literature of their choosing (a look at their selections reveals that pretty girls enjoy everything from Baudelaire to the Twilight books). The series will be featured at the Toronto Burlesque Festival this week and here's an excerpt from an article published in The Globe and Mail:

"Everyone concedes that many NGR first-timers come because of shock value, but to their surprise, as Horra [executive producer of the festival] says, they discover that pretty girls can read."

Chip: "Indeed, I was under the impression that all pretty women were functionally illiterate."

You can visit the official website of Naked Girls Reading here (though you should be warned that it does contain images of naked girls reading):

The boys are thinking about roadtripping to Seattle for a September event called "How To: Naked Girls read Instructions, Recipes, Manuals, and other informative texts."

With any luck, we'll see some titties AND learn how to work our new Iphone4's.


Our time on Twitter continues to surprise and delight us. We spent weeks hoping that the Rooftop Vigilantes would eventually notice and follow us, and that time finally came a few days ago (making us feel as hip as we have ever felt before).

But perhaps our most interesting follower this week is a member of Larryville's BDSM community. His site is called Dominez Vous and described as "Twitter from the point of view of a BDSM Dom with 15 years of experience and 2 wonderful subs under His guidance."

A few sample tweets:

"The storms are passing through #Lawrence. Nothing to do but try out some new nipple clamps!"

"How many of you know what it's like to wake up in the morning and have 2 beautiful women ready to serve you? It's good to be the king! #BDSM"

"I'm not looking forward to the frat boys, but the sorositutes can be a lot of fun sometimes! :D"

A chorus of concerned Larryville conservatives: "This sounds weird, Richard. Get off of Twitter and alert the authorities!"

Chip: "So you're telling me there's a guy in town who keeps sorostitutes on a leash?"

More or less, Chip! Follow the Twitter feed here:


Note: We know that some of you love our Style Scout coverage, but we're largely moving on to other concerns. Yes, we realize that today's Style Scout contains a profile of the lovely Katy Seib.l's sister, but oddly we don't have anything particularly hilarious to say about it, so we'll just encourage you to drop by and check it out for yourself. She has a belly-button piercing!


everything marked, everything membered said...

I seem to remember Naked Girls Reading being featured in a post in times past count.

shnestyl said...

the writers said...

A search of our archives doesn't reveal a prior mention. But even if that's true, it's worthy of reminding people at frequent intervals.

Guess who's back, bitches! said...

Ok, so I haven't been by in a while (and missed nothing), but the day I return, Noggle puts up one of the most important finds in field of literary studies. This shit could improve literacy rates around the world and in my pants.

--But now I hafta buy bifocals for my tallywacker

Anonymous said...

What would be nice is if Style Scout started featuring out-of-the-ordinary people in town. It's consistently people in the same merry-go-round incestuous group that get featured.

who's that masked man? said...

That sounds like Dr. X, back with praise and a hurtful insult! (important shit happens here EVERY day!).

But we thought you weren't willing to fraternize with our new friends?

I'm on vacation said...

The unwashed?

Fuck them! Better yet, I will roll my gas-guzzling mantank over their sorry asses, mulch and convert them into a biofeul I won't use... But will burn down the local indie 'art gallery' in favor of a new Lawrence Hotel Casino Beef complex where I can fuck there once unclean, now stripping, hipstabitches while Kip parks my hummer.

--If you catch my meaning, MUTHA FUCKAS! :)

AnnaUndercover said...