Saturday, July 24, 2010

The LC Reviews Local Comedy! / Local Photo of the Week

Readers, we've been in Larryville so long we get about 90% of the jokes in the Victor Continental show, and that's a good feeling.

Yes, one of our heroes made his summer return to Larryville last night with a trenchant take on America's economic distress called "Hard Times" (a title tailor-made for boner jokes if ever there was one). Here's what one can expect from any Victor show:

--Victor's dancing (ALWAYS funny)
--Victor's drinking games (ALWAYS funny...and they will get you shitfaced!)
--Insider townie humor (ALWAYS funny).
--Rambling, absurdist sketches (almost never funny except to maybe a handful of stoners sneaking hits off their one-hitters, as Victor would say).

Some highlights from last night (skip this part if you're going tonight):

--the cameo by "Lew" and his big bag of money
--evil Doug Compton
--breastfeeding at the Pig jokes (classic!)
--"My Esquina" song (to the tune of "My Sharona")
--LJ-World/World Company song (to the tune of "We Are the World").
--Larryville's new anti-smoking elephant mascot who uses his trunk ("That's not his trunk!") to keep people ten feet away from entrances (inspired!).


Yes, if there's one sure way to shock a Larryville liberal, it's to use the word "nigg.r" (see, we can't even spell it out!). But if you're going to use it, why not go for broke with it instead of a bit of silliness about mistaking the word for "chiggers," which doesn't make any sense and exists only as an excuse to use the word? Why not use the word within a sketch directly addressing the recent charges of racism against one of the city commissioners? We could have written a VERY fucking funny sketch around that controversy. (also: please hire us to help write next year's show).


Three out of four boners for Victor!

Two out of four Copperheads for Liberty Hall, whose taps were dead all evening, making it ridiculously hard to get fucked up in a timely manner. Why not open "express lanes" for those of us happy to drink shitty beer out of cans?


We've "tweeted" about this sign already, which has been making us giggle for weeks now every time we drive through 9th and Iowa. Now here's a glimpse for our readers who have not moved on to the wonderful world of Twitter yet:

A collection of militant local vegans: "Why does meat possess the power to whip men into a state of masturbatory frenzy!"


Not a vegan said...

Oh, that's a good one. Someone from Victor's staff moonlighting at the BBQ joint?...

the secret's in the sauce said...

But I wish it had stayed secret. Gross.

@BARRR said...

Victor was great. I was pretty stoked to get a shout out for the podcast. I'm glad you humored me during my rant about the pony tailed douche...."people don't think artists like to fight...I like to fight!" ROTFLATMYSELF.....

Anonymous said...

Charges of "misappropriating" one's phrasings were levied against the City Manager and not one of our beloved Commish mates.

Now, if we could only get he BBQ shack to brag about their jerk sauce...