Friday, July 2, 2010

The Continuing Advantages of Tweeting!

One of the great things about "following" a lot of local hipster enterprises on Twitter is that we can keep constant tabs on what albums people are spinning...and then we can listen to those same albums...and then we can impress, say, the record geeks down at Love Garden with our knowledge...and then, finally, we can apply said knowledge in bars in an attempt to get laid.

Let's explain how this works.

In a post this morning, the folks at Rathaus are raving about the new Wavves album:

"Listen up: #Wavves' new album King of the Beach is streaming now Tricia sez "its awesome"...agreed!....@wavveswavves"

So we check out the stream and, because hipsters cannnot fully trust their own opinions or those of unknown sources (who is this Tricia?), we also head over to Pitchfork to see if the album receives a suitably high ranking. And it certainly does: 8.4. Here's an excerpt from the latter part of the review:

"Even though the double-time slamdancer "Post Acid" reminds me of everything that was good about Lookout! or Epitaph, Williams lets us in on his sense of a good time before an impassioned delivery of one of 2010's most anthemic choruses: "Misery, won't you comfort me in my time of need?"

At this point, we're ready to chat about Wavves. And late tonight, drunk at the TapRoom, we'll probably use an almost directly plagiarized line from that excerpt on an equally drunk lady hipster ("Doesn't the new Wavves remind you of me of everything that was good about Lookout! or Epitaph?") Such a technique is usually safe because (A) most hipsters rarely read past the first paragraph of a Pitchfork review and (B) remember that we will both be very drunk! The line, we presume, will be sufficiently impressive to lead to drunken, boring hipster sex, almost certainly while listening to the new Wavves album (Chip: "Although it's a little louder and faster than what I usually like to fuck to.").

Thank us later if this technique works for you too. In the meantime, listen to the album here:

Here's the album cover:


was that a bolo tie, suzy?! said...

That album cover reminds me of the outfit that Suzannah Johannes wore which resulted in the immediate death of my brief but violent obsession with Range Life's resident chanteuse.

To Fuck, or Tweet, that is the question said...

Do hipsters have any actual sex these days, or do they just tweet about their fantasies?