Saturday, July 17, 2010

Geeks Debate Inception / Hipster Pick of the Weekend / Party Pics from InkKC!

If you're any sort of geek, you're probably spending your Saturday debating Christopher Nolan's new film, Inception, on half a dozen different interweb message boards. Debates of the moment:

1) Is Joseph Gordon Levitt's hallway fight scene in Inception as cool, equally cool, or cooler than the hallway fight scene in Park Chan-Wook's Oldboy? And what about Hit Girl's hallway murder-spree in Kick Ass?

2) Do too many of Nolan's films rely on "twist" endings (a la Shymalan)?

Here's a fun exchange between fanboys regarding the latter question:

Yoga Fire: "Insomnia and the Batman movies didn't have twists as far as I could tell."

Wolfman Razor retorts: "So far as you could tell? I like that you hold out the possibility that those movies had secret twists that were so twisty that you haven't even discovered them yet."

The boys verdict on the film: "Forget Avatar. If you want your eyeballs (and your mind) well and truly fucked, see this on IMAX and quick."


Tough choice for hipsters tonight. Should you see The Dead Girls at the Jackpot (their tribute to Adventureland on Halloween was 100% hip!) or Be/Non at the Replay (you probably haven't hung out with Brodie in awhile!)?

We're opting for Be/Non because their MySpace bio amuses us (and because Scene Stealer Eric, of the Girls, did not award us free Inception tickets despite the hilarity of our contest comments!):

"Unless your weekend routine typically includes munching shrooms while playing Metroid 2: Return of Samus, parsing metaphysics with the ghost of Arthur Lee, then unwinding to late-60s Canterbury Scene LPs, you've probably never experienced anything like Be/Non."

It's a rare weekend when we accomplish more than two of those four things so, as always, Brodie is cooler than us.


If you celebrated Bastille Day in Larryville, you probably hung out at the Pig (with the same boring people who hang out at the Pig every night). But if you celebrated Bastille Day in KC, you probably hung out with...attractive drunk women in berets! Here's a shot from InkKC's slideshow of the festivities at the Westport Cafe and Bar.

Chip: "I'd like to get froggy with them, if you catch my meaning!"

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