Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weekly Twitter Recap! / A Video Game for Literary Hipsters / This Week in Larryville

Week 3 of Twitter-use and we're stalled out around 116 "followers." Sure, we'd like more, but at the same time we feel we've successfully established a small hipster army which we can mobilize to do our bidding at a moment's notice ("Fetch us a Hamm's!"). At this point, we still haven't negotiated a coffee date with Anna Undercover, but we have been experiencing odd dreams about such a meeting (in which we are waiting alone in a coffeehouse in our underwear, for some reason). Perhaps the most interesting discovery of the week, though, is a local blog called The M P M. Here's the bio of the writer:

"The M P M lives in Lawrence, Kansas. She would like to meet handsome, single men with exceptional record collections. You may contact her at heympm at gmail dot com."

Based on her fascinating posts, the boys' record collections do not measure up (especially Chip's, who collects Justin Bieber on vinyl), but they're happy to have discovered her work. Check it out here:


Like most literary hipsters, we carry around a dog-eared and carefully underlined copy of Bret Easton Ellis's Less Than Zero in our backpacks, but we've yet to read the just-published, 25-years-later sequel, Imperial Bedrooms. Ellis's biggest local fan, Captain Chanute, wrote us yesterday with news that a web game has been developed based on Bedrooms. According to the interweb, "You play the part of an unnamed male Hollywood movie executive who resembles the book’s main character Clay only entirely. You’re in a casting session with a bubbly actress wearing a bad blonde wig, and as she reads her lines, you’re given options to encourage her, smack her around verbally (“Oh, you’re from the Midwest? Yeah, that’s obvious!” is our favorite), or ply her with copious amounts of cocaine or whiskey."

You can play it here:

Richard: "It's a nice game, but I've always wished someone would develop a game based on Franzen's The Corrections."


The boys didn't make it to last night's "World's Largest Community Workout yesterday (which was attended by 1700 fewer participants than the previous year's "World's Largest Community Workout"). But they congratulate those who did (such as our Eudoran friends, the Eggs). Be careful when walking through Larryville wearing your Dog Days T-shirts, readers, because we might just mug you for them. Nothing gets you laid in this town quicker than a Dog Days t-shirt, which reveals you are both fit and community-minded.

We do, however, plan to attend Larryville's annual downtown sidewalk sale tomorrow, one of the town's biggest events. And Richard will be tweeting live from the festivitites: "OMG! Sweet bargains @lovegardensounds #sidewalksale." Everyone has their own preferred techniques for making the most of the sale, and we've found that what works best for us is sleeping in our cars on Mass. Street the night before so as to be the first ones in line for all the unecessary shit on display. Also, we're not afraid to shove a bitch out of the way to get those sweet, sweet bargains.


Lydia said...

Nothing gets you laid in this town quicker than a Dog Days t-shirt, which reveals you are both fit and community-minded.

It also reveals that you don't have a shred of common sense, and thus are willing to engage in unsafe sex. Both are possible pluses, depending on one's sexual preferences.

better dead than red said...

Yeah, we just can't get behind exercise during "heat warning" days (unless, of course, it's a kickball game!).