Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's All Shout Angrily about the Oread Hotel! / Larryville on Craigslist

Did we all hate the same things BEFORE the Oread hotel opened for business? Or has that monstrous eyesore helped unify Larryvillians in our hatred?

At any rate, the hotel is an almost daily topic of hilarious rants in the LJ-World talkbacks. Let's check in with the newest controversy: should the Oread be allowed to shut down part of 12th Street and sell alcohol outdoors for major tailgating parties on football game days?

The city fathers denied the Oread's first requests for a major block-party in a recent meeting but last night approved a smaller-scale plan (the Oread can do its thing three hours prior and one hour after football games).

Do the talkbackers approve of this? No fucking way.

Cheeseburger says "Bad idea. And since a majority of the commissioner's aren't smart enough to figure it out, YES - you have opened Pandora's box! And true to form, they'll probably approve each and every request that comes their way. Why does everything in this town seem to revolve around booze?"

Chip: "Because it's a college town, Cheeseburger! So relax and go get hammered."

Bug167 says: "What next? Will the commission okay it if the Oread wants to let everyone tote guns to these tailgating parties as well?"

Richard; "I certainly hope they okay firearms at these events, because there's a mugging or a knifefight in that area of town every evening."

See you at the Oread on Game Day!


We haven't checked out the Larryville "missed connections" on Craigslist for awhile, so let's take a look at two recent Replay-related posts.

This one is m4m:

"You were the fella wearing a super mario ghost t-shirt, working at the bar on July 15. A pleasure to've met you. You made our night better than it should've been. Wish I lived nearby so we could be friends. I was the one you sent across the street for a clean toilet. Thanks again. You made my night."

Readers, do you know which bartender this was?

And this one is m4w:

"You work at the replay and love garden. Youre always dancing and have a huge smile on your face. I secretly dig the shit out of you."

It's no secret now, our horny friend!


@BARRR said...

For bullshit. Why should that building have any special permission to sell booze at the games?! Let the tailgaterzzz gate! Fuck your hotel!

Anonymous said...

Those assholes better have a strict dress code! Kansas Citians and Topekans wearing 'Gangster Attire' have deserved a place to tailgate in Lawrence for long enough!! Give them their rightful place Oread! ...oh yeah: You fucking shit-eating bitch-bags!

Top City represents! said...

And after the games, a KC vs. Top City shootout in The Cave!

gloria vanderbilt said...

The last missed connection is probably referring to Amanda. I can't think of any other female that works at both LG and Replay.

we think you're right said...

And we also dig the shit out of Nanda! Who doesn't? (but I guess we haven't seen her dancing a lot?).