Sunday, July 4, 2010

Recent Concert Reviews: Split Lip Rayfield Rides Again at the Replay

Last night's triumphant return to the Replay by Split Lip Rayfield provoked two very different reactions.

Hipsters, who loved the band a decade ago, felt that the 10 dollar cover charge was an outrage on par with a fucking genocide, and steered clear (with the exception of a few hardcore fans and some friends and family of the band).

Hippies, who have only recently discovered the band through festival appearances over the last few years, believed the 10 dollar cover charge was the bargain of the year, and packed the place accordingly.

The result: a rare Replay gig where those in attendance actually seemed to be enjoying themselves!

Spotted on the dance floor: a hippie baby wearing gigantic earphones (presumably to keep the sound muffled but possibly for listening to some sweet grooves?); a hippie wearing a hunting vest atop a tie-dyed T-shirt (Richard believed he was trying to suggest something about the duality of man* ); and a Mohawked fellow standing behind his girlfriend and violently jerking her arms up and down to make her dance in a creepy marionette-like fashion.

Verdict: four out of four PBR's. This was Split Lip Fucking Rayfield, after all, proceeding valiantly without Kirk and managing to impress young fans with their lightning-fast style and without an ounce of hippie-noodling!

*That's a Full Metal Jacket reference, in case you (like Chip) watch nothing but Twilight films.

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