Friday, July 16, 2010

Is It Art, Or Is It...Some Kind of Magic?!

It's been awhile since we checked in with the local art scene, but we can't resist showcasing an event at Wonder Fair next Monday with this intriguing title: "Anson the Ornery Presents: A Synaklavier Performance & Mysterium Screening."

If you're not sold on the title alone, The Pitch further explains what you're in for:

"It's the artist's first public performance using his Synaklavier instrument, which produces a psychedelic blur of numbers, letters, colors and pitches to induce feelings of synesthesia -- a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation to one of the senses triggers automatic stimulation in another one of the senses. Ever wanted to hear purple or smell seven?"

We always thought Wonder Fair was trying to appeal to the hipster crowd, but this event sounds like it will attract a roomful of hippies strung out on K-2 who honestly believe that great art is simply something that "moves" them as opposed to something to be clinically analyzed but rarely enjoyed.

At first, this all sounded a little too touchy-feely for us, but then we saw this video called "Robot Party" from Anson the Ornery (filmed at KU) and we realized we'll be willing to watch anything this guy does. "Robot love will save the world," indeed! Check it out at this address:

Hey, @BARRR!, how awesome will Monday night's performance be?


@BARRR said...

That is a good question.....I have no idea....could be amazing.....could be painfullllllll....either'll be more interesting than sitting in a bar.

Anson the Ornery said...

Thanks for getting the word out about me show and my video. Here is the official video of Robot Party with much better sound.

thanks for coming to my shows as well.