Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Hipster Coverage: Richard Reviews Local "Theatre" and a Jackpot Show!

Last night proved once and for all that Drakkar Sauna can convince local hipsters to watch anything, even a 30 minute (by which they meant one hour) "play" based on Wallace Cochran's new book based on Drakkar Sauna's new album which seemed to be some sort of alternate history about how Andrew Jackson, Margaret Hamilton (of Wizard of Oz), Fritz Lang, and (most of all) Nicola Tesla (a hipster favorite) contributed to the history of "rocketry." Truly it was interminable and reminded this reviewer of the Andy Kaufman sketch where he simply takes the stage and reads from The Great Gatsby until people finally get bored and revolt. Only these hipsters would never think of revolting. They would simply stand still and pretend they were watching something important for fear of leaving and being labeled unhip for looking like they didn't "get" it.

This reviewer watched every minute.

On the bright side, it did end with a lovely rendition of "This World Is Not My Home" performed by a motley crew of local musicians. Oh, and cake was served.


In need of something a little less "cerebral" after the stimulating performance, Richard headed down to the Jackpot to catch up with rockabilly favorites The Spook Lights, who have finally realized the one thing their act has been lacking for these past few years: a shirtless, pastie-wearing "gogo dancer" called Midnight Luxury who absolutely thrilled the crowd. The Spook Lights, playing behind him, were rendered almost irrelevant.

Afterwards, a trio of wild hellcats from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, called Those Darlins took Richard back to his southern roots with a blistering set of, oh, let's call it cowpunk. He spent most of the evening picturing himself buried under a pile of Darlins' and will be insanely jealous if his companion, King Tosser, banged one or all of them later in the evening.

The evening's headliner, hipster garage-rock favorites King Khan and BBQ Show, were unable to attend because they were arrested two nights prior somewhere in Kentucky.

Photo of the Darlins from a recent Mercury Lounge show via interweb:


beth said...

Well at least they served cake!

hipster cake said...

I think it was flavored with PBR. Not too delicious.

The gods of Rock! said...


King BBQ said...

With the Darlins on stage, who needs headliners who can't hide their weed?

A good review of Cosmodrome (is that what it's called, I can't read that font too well?). I would say we told you so, but I think you knew.

And what's this newfound respect for the dead? I've been waiting a week for you to kick the corpse of the !!! drummer with some fucking hilarious commentary on falling down an elevator shaft. Still and all, it's probably for the best.

freud! said...

Small girls with big guitars...yes!